Alt’s, because you’re obvious.

So previously I put on blast a fake dom with an IQ of 4 HERE

He went out and started using his alt as his main I guess. I either humiliated him too much or everyone blocked him, but he posted in group and I figured I’d share so you could all block his alt.
 AmandaMaria Savira: hey no caps please
 Ragnar BlackflagRagnar Blackflag holds her ears and runs…
 Me: cam and voice slave?
 Me: lmao
 dudematrix Resident: yes but you must be an actual female to apply bunny
 dudematrix Resident: i’m sorry you don’t qualify (Big give away. Only person to ever acuse me of being a man is Thomas. Well, and some other butthurt bitches I felt were far too entitled when they asked. My RL knows I’m a girl and that’s all that matter’s to me.)
 Connie Putzo: and I suppose he expects it free
 Me: awwwe, thomas, I see you’ve come out with your alt
 AmandaMaria Savira: no arguments here please
 dudematrix Resident: nope
 dudematrix Resident: wri\ong guy (Another big give away. Thou dost protest too quickly.)
 Connie Putzo: pfft
 dudematrix Resident: LOL but i do know him
 dudematrix Resident: LOL he and i hang out at the same trek sim (Yeah, definite give away.)
 Me: suuuuuuure
 dudematrix Resident: Bunny, many things are seldomly what they appear to be but unlike you i don’t jump to the wrong conclusion after less the 2 minutes of dialog
 Me: shhhhh, go take your pills thomas. the voice in your head are talking again.
 androgenious Resident: hi all
 dudematrix Resident: maybe so but at least it’s more intelligent then you seem to be
 Me: shhhhhh, take the pills thomas. shhhh. All your delusions will go away then. shhhh
 Me: hey dent
 dudematrix Resident: you mean you’ll vanish think that i’m thomas?
 dudematrix Resident: promise?
 dudematrix Resident: who?
 Me: just reminding thomas to take his meds. He get’s all crazy when he goes off of them.
 dudematrix Resident: wow you must really want this guy to think thati’m him
 dudematrix Resident: thank god i’m not (Thou dost protest too much.)
 Me: shhhh thomas. your meds. take them.
 dudematrix Resident: i hope when you find this guy that he laughs in your face
 Me: meds thomas.all the delusions go away when you take them.
 dudematrix Resident: bunny your not even man enough to put a real picture of yourself on your profile, really?
 Me: see, this is why you need your meds. these delusions are getting serious. shhhhh. it’ll be okay. take the lithium, dear.

So same song and dance as before. He’s a fake, feel free to pro-block him so you never have to talk to him.



So I haven’t been able to blog much lately. Me and the b/f are making the transition from SL to RL, which is exciting and hectic! Ontop of it, my little avi has gotten knocked up, so I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit since I use the AMD Baby Bump and in recent times, there’s a real lack of makers for it. As I was out the other day while he was at work, trying to find clothes, I came across something I see a bit too often.


This person was 1000+ days old. Old enough to know, this looks retarted. First of all, I can respect and even embrace the different body shapes in SL, what I can’t stand is women who have their tits, ass and anything else, all ridiculously sized. Having Tits that stick out two meter’s from your chest, a waist as big as my thigh and then some jacked up ghetto booty is not attractive. I have nothing against having big tits and ass, but if it’s not something that would be physically possible in the RL, it’s even less attractive in SL.

Same goes for men. Keep your dick a realistic size and when making a female shape, remember proportions. If nothing else, have a female friend do it for you.


Some of you have been waiting with bated breath, other’s could really care less, but at long last, the Hair Fair is here! Why do I love the Hair Fair? Gifts! Duh! There are tons of free hair and goodies at the Hair Fair. Before I show case them, a few pro-tips for dealing with the lag.

1) Derender EVERYONE!- I pull up the people list, click the first name, hold ‘SHIFT’ then scroll to the bottom of the list and click. This highlights everyone. Then right click, and derender. This will cut back on massive amounts of lag. You will have to re-derender people a few times as they try to rez in and new people tp in. I don’t deselect the people, I just hold “SHIFT” again and click randomly on the people list till everyone is highlighted again.

2)Invisible Avi- I slap on a fullbody alpha, take off all my attachments and BAM! The system doesn’t have to render me, thus cutting back on lags.

3) Area Search-To get all the freebies, I pulled up area search, went in the filter tab (I have firestorm, not sure how to do it on other browsers.) Set the price to be from 0$ to 2$, applied it and poof, all the gifts and demos come up. Select the Demo’s and blacklist them if you’re just in it for the gifts, the right click and buy anything that says Gift.

4) Fly- I fly over the street, hovering about a meter over the doorway.

Now for the Gifts! I took these pictures in my own place, well, me and the B/F’s,

Snapshot_084 Snapshot_083 Snapshot_081

Snapshot_080The Head Chain I’m wearing is a separate Hair Fair Gift

Snapshot_077The Hair is one gift, the head feathers, Lashes and collar are another.

Snapshot_076 Snapshot_075 Snapshot_074 Snapshot_073 Snapshot_072 Snapshot_071 Snapshot_069

Snapshot_064Snapshot_065Snapshot_066Snapshot_068Snapshot_067These are just some of the gifts. Most of the come with color huds or multiple colors. One or two don’t, but they’re still nice hair!

Snapshot_062 Snapshot_063Here we have two hairs and two different fitted mesh shirts. Don’t mind how they fit on me, I’m pregnant. Lol.

And just for the guys, yes, they do have guy gifts:

Snapshot_082 Snapshot_079 Snapshot_070

The Hair Fair Can be Found HERE

Fakes! Fakes! Fakes Galore!

So, I’ve said it before. I do the whole D/S and BDSM thing. Not just in the SL, but the RL, too. Figured I’d point out another type of fake to you. The person that want’s a mindless puppet with no self esteem. I have asked many Dom’s about this, because it really and truely baffles me why this would be wanted. Short of it is, they’re not. Best way I’ve had it put is;
“If the only thing you are capable of domming is a worthless peice of shit, what does that say about you? I want the biggest, baddest girl out there to kneel before me. That takes strength. That girl is not only strong, confidant and intelligant, but alluring as well, just by being herself.”
My Dom seriously get’s off on me being strong and telling fakes where to stick it. It’s a sure fire way to get dragged to the bedroom. I can compare this to the feeling women get when men stand up for them. That being said, Im in a group where this message has popped up frequently.

Thomas1701 Resident: looking for a woman with NO self esteem willing to perform the most twisted acts i can imagine, IM me

Just on an important note, in his profile he confesses that he’s had multiple men trick him by having female avatars. Say’s something, doesn’t it? So here was my reply after seeing this message constantly.

Me: wouldn’t it be more erotic to have someone with confidence but actually willing to act like a lascivious whore?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): would rather have someone more plyable (Meaning he doesn’t want to put in the work to deal with teaching a sub)
Thomas1701 Resident: hello all you sluts, any of you care to kneel before me?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident makes some popcorn, and gets ready to watch.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): lol
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the line has cast
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): any takers?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident just smiles, listening to the crickets and the sound of fresh popcorn being eaten.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): ah
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): so this group can learn
Me: you still at it, dude? you realize they’re all men, right?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): yes dude i know
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): everyone in this room is a man?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident chuckles, and keeps eating his popcorn.
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): not if you voice verify
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): when you tried to voice with me with that voice distorter, it was SO bad that you forgot to take in to account that is also distorts your background noice as well (he likes to make these claims at me. We’ve never met. I’ve never hoped on voice for him. He messaged me once and I dismissed him because he demanded voice verification. I have no problem voice verifying, I have a problem with it being demanded like you’re an entitled twat.)
Me: should let you know something about yourself I would think, but then again, we all know you have delusions of grandeur
Me: we all know that was just a vivid masturbation fantasy, thomas.
Me: it’s alright, we understand, only thing you can get is dudes, shhhh, it’s okay. shhhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): and you’ll notice HE’S NOT DENYING IT (I kind of did in a round about way, but that went waaaaay over his head. As was expected.)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): like i said dabunny
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the words is out on you
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): ALL of SL knows about you (Not sure what they know. If he’s talking about me being “A man” it’s still on in his head. I hope on voice all the time for friends and family. I’ve been told I have a very sexy voice, actually. But, this is just part of his insecurities. Because I’m not inclined to take his bullshit, I’m a man. The logic of the moron!)
AshleySkyeRequiem Resident: ive got thomas blocked
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem): and have for a long time lol
Me: shhhh, it’s okay, thomas, it’s all in your head, like any relationship you’ve ever had, shhhh. take your pills and the voices will go away
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem): too annoying to deal with him
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): Yikes !  I don’t know what he did but I don’t want his reputation
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident offers Ashley some popcorn.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): Skyze i Rep is that i don’t give a shit want others think about me
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i want what i want and i’m not afraid to post it
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem)αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem) grabs it and noms, “Thanks!’
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): thats what their problem with me is
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident nods amicably to Ashley.
Me:shhhhhhh, it’s okay thomas. we all know you’re so deep in the closet you find holiday gifts you just don’t want to admit it. shhhhhh. we’re here for you, you can be yourself, we won’t judge
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): was that hope in that last text dude?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): sorry to disapoint
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): totally straight
Me: shhhhhhh, we know you’re in denile. shhhh. it’s okay. you like guy ass. nothing wrong with that. shhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): hope all you want dude
MrX: Thomas has had two other avs he also renamed HIS HIGHNESS, and they’re no longer around.  I’m guessing accounts lost due to age play.  So, if you want to lose your account along with his, go ahead and play with him.  If you want to keep your account, just ignore his stupid ass.  That will bother him far more than arguing with him. (Awwwe, but getting in his head was way too much fun! It really was. I was in family call laughing my ass off and reading what I was posting. Thought my sister was gonna pee herself!)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): even if i were you would never have a chance
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i prefer humans
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): 9 actually
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): but diffrent raoyality tags
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): royality
Me: shhhh, it’s okay. we don’t judge. you’re just a closet pedo homo. be yourself! you don’t have to go around accussing women of being men to make yourself feel better that no real woman wants you. shhhh, just be yourself, watch sesame street and be yourself!
MrX: He’s also illiterate.  Don’t forget that.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): why would i take your favoret hobbie from you dude (He’s regressed to “I know you are but what am I?!” which shows just how immature he is, or how far in his head I’ve gotten. Either way, I damn near pee’d myself!)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): thats exclusively yours
Me: thats why he needs sesame street. he needs to learn his abc’s and 123’s
MrX: So, losing 9 accounts due to age play?  That’s impressive.  And he needs Sesame Street so he can identify with his victims.
Me: shhhhhh. we know you have to resort to childish insults to cover up your insecurities that you’re gay. just admit it. shhhhh it’s okay
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): has anyone noticed that dabunny has yet to deny that she’s a he (I actually have, more then once. He’s just not smart enough to figure it out. Too busy trying to cover up that I’ve blasted his deepest darkest secret/fear.)
MrX: Who gives a shit what Bunny is?  What we do know is that you’re a twat.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): finally accepted that he’s been caught
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): and is new resorting to maiing twisted accusations
Me: shhhhh, you keep telling yourself I’m a man. it’s how you get through the day. the fact that I’m a woman and have people vouche for me would explode your little pedo brain. shhhh. it’s okay. take your pills thomas
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): maiing = making
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i have alts to
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): why are you so unwilling to prove it Hummm?
Me: shhhhhhh, it’s okay. you keep making up shit. take your pills thomas, the voices in your head are getting to you again
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the pills don’t work
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): your still here
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
Ragar Riler: O.O
MrHamilton Resident: Let’s follow little Tommy’s line of thought.  Bunny must be a man, because she isn’t denying his words.  Tommy isn’t denying he’s a pedophile, therefore, he’s a pedophile.
Me: you’re more then welcome to talk to my daddy ;p
Me: he can verify that you need your pills
Me: shhhhhhhhhe
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): he tried that last night
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): now if she had ant proof of any kind she would have used it (Now, didn’t he say in the begining that I had suppoesdly hopped on voice and was using a voice morpher? Can’t keep his lies straight)
Me: shhhhhh, take your pills. shhhhh
Me: they have support groups out there! you should try one! I hear they’re very helpful! now take your pills and shhhhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): see i don’t have to deny it as he has no exidence of any kind
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): BUT to simply prove that he’s a she all he has the do is voice
Me: I have to go now, thomas. My man wants to hear me *&# on mike for him, but you be a good little gay skitzo and take your pills, okay? it’ll all be okay if you take your pills. shhhhhhh

After all this, Thomas has become a docile little good boy in group. Apparently I get really far in his head. Showed this to the Dom and got dragged away. Snickers,

Body Art!

I love body art. In the Real World, I’m tattooed and pierced. Not to the extent I am in SL, but then again, only in SL can you change tattoo’s and piercings on a whim without spending tons of money! So when the Body Art Hunt came out, I was all over it!


Here we have a gorgeous dragon tattoo. If my RL thigh wasn’t already spoken for with other ink, I’d have this on it. On a side note, studies have shown people with dragon tattoo’s, especially women, tend to be more confidant! Bet you didn’t know that!


There is so much going on on my face right now. First, my mask. From my nose bridge on up is all my mask. It’s a tattoo layer, with eye shadow and this beautiful design. This is something I wish I could hang on my wall for décor.

My lipstick is another gift, it comes in five different colors, with snake bite piercings (not shown) and has appliers for all you mesh head addicts out there.

My piercings….oh my piercings…They come from one gift but there are two sets, the middle part and the outside parts are two separate items so you can wear either/ or. I opted to wear both. I love the look of these.

For those that wish to take part in the hunt, the info is HERE

More From Midsummer!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, RL kicked my ass! But life is calm again, so here’s more from the Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt!


Here we have a Mother Earth Outfit, complete with wand and crown, very pretty, but sadly, no appliers. I’ve said it before, lazy! Omega’s a dead easy kit to use, no excuse! Aside from that, we have this really nice vase from one of my absolute favorite stores, Never Totally Dead. The best thing about this vase? It’s great for pranks. When someone walks by it, it falls to the ground and breaks. Be warned though, it works for anything that moves. My KittyCat’s kept running into it and breaking it until I moved it out of their range.


Here we have a cute little boat, some lily pads, and behind me, a photo frame! I took this on my own land to make set up easier.


I am wearing another fairy gift you get. I really don’t care much for the fairy look to be honest, but my sister does, so I sent her over to get them. She was thrilled. The wings are two large flowers and very highly detailed. The outfit comes with multiple parts and is all mesh, also lovely.


Here we have two simple little tattoo’s. A dragon on my shoulder and a fairy on my hip, both with appliers, really cute little things for those who don’t need a whole massive tattoo.

Once again, all very nice stuff. If fantasy is your thing, I highly recommend this hunt. The link page can be found HERE

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Did you guys really think I would be able to pass up this hunt? I’ve done at least some of it, every year, ever since it came out. Generally I just run a pick up the things from my favorite stores because…well….I have enough of an inventory problem…

I’m show casing a few of the most spectacular items you get, not that all the prizes aren’t great, but I’m a bit on the sick side and having to fight my comp with my graphics cranked up isn’t something I’m keen on right now, sorry guys.


Here we have a gorgeous build, this whole stone thing is part of one prize and in my opinion, one of those weird must haves. Never know when you need ruins and these are stunning!


Here is another prize, a beautiful wooden swing with lights as well as the tattoo I’m wearing. I love this tattoo and it quickly became my main tattoo for everyday.


Yet another set of ruins. This one is more clean cut but no less imposing. Forgive the crappy picture, SL wasn’t letting me get the angle right to showcase it, my camera kept jumping. That and it’s massive size just didn’t end well.


Here we have an unclose of the temple’s interior, a spell table you get which is perfect for all you sorcerer’s and witches out there. The dress and heels are yet another gift and very pretty.

On a side note, the Hair I’m wearing is a free gift from Little Bones! If you need hair, I highly recommend them. It’s $100L to join the group, but for all that you get a new hair each month with a HUD and periodically she includes fatpacks! On top of all that, you get to pick up all the past group gifts! I mean, for $100L you can really fill your hair folder!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt can be found HERE and is $1L

Little Bones Mainstore can be found HERE

Butthurt over nothing?

So I’m relaxing with the family last night, chit chatting and having fun after having a Date Night, when I get a message. As I’ve said before, this isn’t uncommon and generally not something I mind, this one I did.
Ballistic Gothly: Damn
Ballistic Gothly: Thought you looked like a cute avatar until I read your profile
(Now I have gotten many comments on my profile about how straight forward it is and how it made people laugh. I list what I won’t put up with and random funny stuff I heard as well as stuff about my family. It’s really a typical profile that I see other women have.)
Ballistic Gothly: Your a complete avatar snob lmao
Ballistic Gothly: Is that all you got?
Ballistic Gothly: i mean personality goes a LONG way
Ballistic Gothly: And you have a horrible one
Me: you’re right, you obviously lack one.
Ballistic Gothly: I sure hope your hot in real life cause otherwise, your sorta screwed
Ballistic Gothly: Just saying
Me: since you’re messaging a complete stranger to bitch
Ballistic Gothly: Not bitching
Ballistic Gothly: Just making an observation
Ballistic Gothly: Don’t get so bent out of shape
Ballistic Gothly: Need to smoke some weed or something
Ballistic Gothly: It’s just SL
Me: Here’s my observation. You’re a pompus little twat who somehow felt the need to message me and tell me off because you lack any and all actual life, sit alone on a parcel where no one wants to talk to you and fap all day long. For some reason you felt the need to “take a stand” against some imaginary wrong I’ve done you simply by existing and not being one to deal with idiot’s. But go one, keeping telling me how I’m such a bitch because I’m not inclined to deal with bullshit such as this (i.E being attacked for no reason)
Ballistic Gothly: I mean every complete stranger is accosted, bitched at and told off the moment they read your profile… You need to chill out, dude!
Ballistic Gothly: No one is attacking you lol
Me: you’re obviously a moron and a greifer, have a nice life, my whole family is laughing at you
Ballistic Gothly: Calm down…. Honestly if you act like this in real life lmao

Well, of course I had to drop the convo is family chat. My sister’s were like “What the actual fuck?” My youngest started trying to find him and then….we hear Dad. *tap tap tap tap tap*
Damn, I forgot to remove his name again. It was just so much text and I was half asleep I wasn’t paying attention.
Dad: Obviously surviving cancer taught you no degree of respect or manners for other peoples lives. If you care to IM random people and trash them for their profiles know it can go both ways. Sorry if my babygirl offends you with her mere pressence, since im sure yours does to. If her profile offended you in some way that means you fit into one of the categories she talked shit about, aka a real loser type, which you took the time to so elloquently prove in your little immature rant. Crawl back into whatever hole you spewed from and leave people be. If you have further complaints about her you can address them to me, and believe me I can be way more snobby. 😉
Ballistic Gothly: Lmao. You really had nothing better to do?
Dad: you didnt. hyprcritical much?
Ballistic Gothly: Alright, buddy. you win the battle of the messages. Now scurry back to your “babygirl” and present to her the spoils of victory
Dad: and you will present your hand with a fresh load all alone tonight im sure
Ballistic Gothly: So she and the rest of your pathetic little group of simple minded fools can cackle and haw at your masterful exhibition of masculinity
Ballistic Gothly: That’s really the only reason idiots write someone at a female request
Dad: how pathetic do you have to be to talk shit to someone from their profile. mad because she probably woouldnt want you to begin with and your ealized it and got butt hurt before a single word was spoken
Ballistic Gothly: *yawns* The girls profile was rude, I commented… She got bent out of shape… I told her to calm down… she got further bent out of shape… I told her to have a bowl
Dad: and she didn’t request it I felt the need to be chivalrous on my own after that pathetic attempt to rattle her cage, we as a family collectively are laughing at your bitch ass right now
Ballistic Gothly: *shrugs* get over it
Ballistic Gothly: both you and she
Dad: now im telling you that Im in the first place is rude you hypocritical bitch
Dad: ironic how you see one but not the other
Dad: real loser type
Dad: go have another tumor or something

Now just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with having cancer, however, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be an asshat. Once you act like a douche, all things are fair game.

The Lost Letter’s Hunt

So, I rarely do HUD based hunts. Mostly because the price of the HUD in such hunts tends to border on stupid. But the Dandelion DayDreams Factory tends to have very cool hunts with original stories and cool prizes, so I always take a peak at what they have going on. Best part? It’s always FREE.

The hunt going on now is the Lost Letter’s Hunt. Basically some thief has stoned all the letter’s from a magical library.
You are tasked with recovering them and six magical books. The hud is simple and low script. You find the book’s, clicks them and they are registered in your HUD as being gotten. You then search the surrounding Area for six letter’s masked as objects pertaining to the theme of whatever book you find. One is Ducks, one is frogs, one is Runes, one is tarot, one is herbs and one is stones.
Overall it wasn’t too difficult and kept me entertained for a good couple of hours. Once you acquire all the books, you’re given a SLURL to the prize point. All those letter’s you found? Hope you wrote them down or note carded them, you need to enter them into a board corresponding with each book.
You then have a last riddle to solve. A Hermit gives you a NC with a riddle and you punch the answer in to another board and Vola! Seven neat prizes!


Here we have a chair, shelf set, plant, rack of potions, staff and ducks. The ducks are really cool. They have stationary ones and ones that will swim around in whatever water you place them in. There is also a tarot typer, which is neat.


I am wearing the other prizes. We have this hat, the forehead and hand gems and the necklace. Incase you can’t tell from my horrible picture, the necklace is the golden ball from The Frog Prince fairy tale.

The Lost Letter’s Hunt is HERE.

Make sure to read the Notecards and instructions!

EnMESHed part 2

So I finished the hunt today. I’m really happy with some of the stuff I got. The hunt had equal parts of clothes and furniture and some really high quality items in it.


We have here a beach cake, an arch with a fountain, a vase that shoots colorful sparks, a sand castle and a flower set with a watercan.

Dabun pauses to catch her breath.

On top of that, the shoes, top and shorts are also separate items you get. I loooooved the shorts. Optional add-ons, rose pattern, really nicely done texturing. Loved them.


Here is a beachy outfit that really goes with my hat. Hat isn’t included, sorry. Old hairfair gift.


Yet another outfit. A skirt and top that are really nice. The skirt alpha is a little weird, though, which is why you see the big blank spot. It would have made more sense to just do the butt and sides and leave some crotch, I mean, I can wear panties, ya know?


After all the work I dressed in the sun dress and munched on some ice cream sandwiches. Both are prizes.


If you’re wandering why I haven’t mentioned the furniture, it’s because it all comes with this really wonderful gazebo. Everything is one piece so you can just rez it pre furnished and look like you worked really hard to decorate! I know you guys were thinking I had upped my decorating game, but no, I didn’t. I rez stuff to showcase it, sorry. Haha. You also get this nice dress I’m wearing.

Well, I’m off to sort this mess!

Hunt Hint page can be found HERE