More From Midsummer!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, RL kicked my ass! But life is calm again, so here’s more from the Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt!


Here we have a Mother Earth Outfit, complete with wand and crown, very pretty, but sadly, no appliers. I’ve said it before, lazy! Omega’s a dead easy kit to use, no excuse! Aside from that, we have this really nice vase from one of my absolute favorite stores, Never Totally Dead. The best thing about this vase? It’s great for pranks. When someone walks by it, it falls to the ground and breaks. Be warned though, it works for anything that moves. My KittyCat’s kept running into it and breaking it until I moved it out of their range.


Here we have a cute little boat, some lily pads, and behind me, a photo frame! I took this on my own land to make set up easier.


I am wearing another fairy gift you get. I really don’t care much for the fairy look to be honest, but my sister does, so I sent her over to get them. She was thrilled. The wings are two large flowers and very highly detailed. The outfit comes with multiple parts and is all mesh, also lovely.


Here we have two simple little tattoo’s. A dragon on my shoulder and a fairy on my hip, both with appliers, really cute little things for those who don’t need a whole massive tattoo.

Once again, all very nice stuff. If fantasy is your thing, I highly recommend this hunt. The link page can be found HERE


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