Midsummer Night’s Dream

Did you guys really think I would be able to pass up this hunt? I’ve done at least some of it, every year, ever since it came out. Generally I just run a pick up the things from my favorite stores because…well….I have enough of an inventory problem…

I’m show casing a few of the most spectacular items you get, not that all the prizes aren’t great, but I’m a bit on the sick side and having to fight my comp with my graphics cranked up isn’t something I’m keen on right now, sorry guys.


Here we have a gorgeous build, this whole stone thing is part of one prize and in my opinion, one of those weird must haves. Never know when you need ruins and these are stunning!


Here is another prize, a beautiful wooden swing with lights as well as the tattoo I’m wearing. I love this tattoo and it quickly became my main tattoo for everyday.


Yet another set of ruins. This one is more clean cut but no less imposing. Forgive the crappy picture, SL wasn’t letting me get the angle right to showcase it, my camera kept jumping. That and it’s massive size just didn’t end well.


Here we have an unclose of the temple’s interior, a spell table you get which is perfect for all you sorcerer’s and witches out there. The dress and heels are yet another gift and very pretty.

On a side note, the Hair I’m wearing is a free gift from Little Bones! If you need hair, I highly recommend them. It’s $100L to join the group, but for all that you get a new hair each month with a HUD and periodically she includes fatpacks! On top of all that, you get to pick up all the past group gifts! I mean, for $100L you can really fill your hair folder!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt can be found HERE and is $1L

Little Bones Mainstore can be found HERE


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