EnMESHed part 2

So I finished the hunt today. I’m really happy with some of the stuff I got. The hunt had equal parts of clothes and furniture and some really high quality items in it.


We have here a beach cake, an arch with a fountain, a vase that shoots colorful sparks, a sand castle and a flower set with a watercan.

Dabun pauses to catch her breath.

On top of that, the shoes, top and shorts are also separate items you get. I loooooved the shorts. Optional add-ons, rose pattern, really nicely done texturing. Loved them.


Here is a beachy outfit that really goes with my hat. Hat isn’t included, sorry. Old hairfair gift.


Yet another outfit. A skirt and top that are really nice. The skirt alpha is a little weird, though, which is why you see the big blank spot. It would have made more sense to just do the butt and sides and leave some crotch, I mean, I can wear panties, ya know?


After all the work I dressed in the sun dress and munched on some ice cream sandwiches. Both are prizes.


If you’re wandering why I haven’t mentioned the furniture, it’s because it all comes with this really wonderful gazebo. Everything is one piece so you can just rez it pre furnished and look like you worked really hard to decorate! I know you guys were thinking I had upped my decorating game, but no, I didn’t. I rez stuff to showcase it, sorry. Haha. You also get this nice dress I’m wearing.

Well, I’m off to sort this mess!

Hunt Hint page can be found HERE


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