Alt’s, because you’re obvious.

So previously I put on blast a fake dom with an IQ of 4 HERE

He went out and started using his alt as his main I guess. I either humiliated him too much or everyone blocked him, but he posted in group and I figured I’d share so you could all block his alt.
 AmandaMaria Savira: hey no caps please
 Ragnar BlackflagRagnar Blackflag holds her ears and runs…
 Me: cam and voice slave?
 Me: lmao
 dudematrix Resident: yes but you must be an actual female to apply bunny
 dudematrix Resident: i’m sorry you don’t qualify (Big give away. Only person to ever acuse me of being a man is Thomas. Well, and some other butthurt bitches I felt were far too entitled when they asked. My RL knows I’m a girl and that’s all that matter’s to me.)
 Connie Putzo: and I suppose he expects it free
 Me: awwwe, thomas, I see you’ve come out with your alt
 AmandaMaria Savira: no arguments here please
 dudematrix Resident: nope
 dudematrix Resident: wri\ong guy (Another big give away. Thou dost protest too quickly.)
 Connie Putzo: pfft
 dudematrix Resident: LOL but i do know him
 dudematrix Resident: LOL he and i hang out at the same trek sim (Yeah, definite give away.)
 Me: suuuuuuure
 dudematrix Resident: Bunny, many things are seldomly what they appear to be but unlike you i don’t jump to the wrong conclusion after less the 2 minutes of dialog
 Me: shhhhh, go take your pills thomas. the voice in your head are talking again.
 androgenious Resident: hi all
 dudematrix Resident: maybe so but at least it’s more intelligent then you seem to be
 Me: shhhhhh, take the pills thomas. shhhh. All your delusions will go away then. shhhh
 Me: hey dent
 dudematrix Resident: you mean you’ll vanish think that i’m thomas?
 dudematrix Resident: promise?
 dudematrix Resident: who?
 Me: just reminding thomas to take his meds. He get’s all crazy when he goes off of them.
 dudematrix Resident: wow you must really want this guy to think thati’m him
 dudematrix Resident: thank god i’m not (Thou dost protest too much.)
 Me: shhhh thomas. your meds. take them.
 dudematrix Resident: i hope when you find this guy that he laughs in your face
 Me: meds thomas.all the delusions go away when you take them.
 dudematrix Resident: bunny your not even man enough to put a real picture of yourself on your profile, really?
 Me: see, this is why you need your meds. these delusions are getting serious. shhhhh. it’ll be okay. take the lithium, dear.

So same song and dance as before. He’s a fake, feel free to pro-block him so you never have to talk to him.


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