Sorry I haven’t been around, me and the RL got into a huge fight and split. Broken heart, tears, ice cream, you get the gist.

But enough about me, I popped in world to check messages and saw the Twisted Hunt was going on. It took three days but I managed to get 98% of it done. The other 2%? Meh, stores I’m not fond of so I skipped them. On to the pictures!!


Here we have the skybox I’m in, the fan in my one hand, the blade in my other hand, the outfit I’m wearing and the necklace.


Next is the temple I’m in, the little Ying/Yang thing I’m meditating on and once again, the outfit.


Here is the picture on the wall, the collage behind me, the couch, the cushion I’m on with the candles and plants and the dress I’m wearing.


Now we have this really cool bed, the picture on the wall, the fortune teller machine next to me and of course, the outfit I have on.


Yet again, the outfit I’m wearing is a gift as well as the fountain I’m sitting on and the fire pit next to me.


Here is a skybox you get. It’s beautiful with the windows, fire place and rug that are all part of it. The wall decor, tree table and two chairs are separate gifts, as is, yup, you guessed it! The outfit I have on.


Still in the skybox we have the table and benches in the corner.


Pictured here is yet another skybox! Even though I didn’t get a picture of it all, it’s a huge skybox with a two story house in it. The couch and chair are separate gifts and I got this cute little maid outfit!


Then there is this lovely little ruin set.


We then have this little grave with the bent tree and the mausoleum.


I furnished the mausoleum with a fireplace, picture, table, ottoman and rug set, all that you get in the hunt. Also gifted are the dress I’m wearing, the shoes, the glowy mask and the teddy I’m holding!


Yet another outfit and this worship area.


Still another gown and an alter for all you pagan’s out there.

I wish I could say I pictured everything, but I didn’t. There were just too many items, 106 stops on this hunt.

Twisted Hunt Slurls HERE


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