The Renaissance Hunte

So, despite the business of my life right now, what with moving and all that, I still found time to do a hunt with the family. My sister hit me up telling me Historical Hunts had their Renaissance Hunt going on, so I was all over it. We got through some of it, but it’s got 74 stops, so we’re doing it in bits. I did unpack and take pictures of some of the prizes from the first 25, though.


The screen, chase, rug and scrolls are all one gift, the rug I’m sitting on is another, the chase next to me is yet another and the vase is still another gift.


Here we have an infirmery bed, a scribes desk, a banner, a planter and a cute little guinnea pig pet that roams around and eats and poops. It’s really cute. Excuse my thrown about decorating.

B/F: Quite the mess you have left on the front lawn.

Me: I’z gettin it, I’z gettin it.

B/F smacks Buns ass.


These items are in the previous picture but because they’re so small, they’re not easily seen. We have a little decorative plaque and a music box that plays actual music when you click it.

To do the Renaissance Hunt, go HERE for the SLURL’s.


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