Some of you have been waiting with bated breath, other’s could really care less, but at long last, the Hair Fair is here! Why do I love the Hair Fair? Gifts! Duh! There are tons of free hair and goodies at the Hair Fair. Before I show case them, a few pro-tips for dealing with the lag.

1) Derender EVERYONE!- I pull up the people list, click the first name, hold ‘SHIFT’ then scroll to the bottom of the list and click. This highlights everyone. Then right click, and derender. This will cut back on massive amounts of lag. You will have to re-derender people a few times as they try to rez in and new people tp in. I don’t deselect the people, I just hold “SHIFT” again and click randomly on the people list till everyone is highlighted again.

2)Invisible Avi- I slap on a fullbody alpha, take off all my attachments and BAM! The system doesn’t have to render me, thus cutting back on lags.

3) Area Search-To get all the freebies, I pulled up area search, went in the filter tab (I have firestorm, not sure how to do it on other browsers.) Set the price to be from 0$ to 2$, applied it and poof, all the gifts and demos come up. Select the Demo’s and blacklist them if you’re just in it for the gifts, the right click and buy anything that says Gift.

4) Fly- I fly over the street, hovering about a meter over the doorway.

Now for the Gifts! I took these pictures in my own place, well, me and the B/F’s,

Snapshot_084 Snapshot_083 Snapshot_081

Snapshot_080The Head Chain I’m wearing is a separate¬†Hair Fair Gift

Snapshot_077The Hair is one gift, the head feathers, Lashes and collar are another.

Snapshot_076 Snapshot_075 Snapshot_074 Snapshot_073 Snapshot_072 Snapshot_071 Snapshot_069

Snapshot_064Snapshot_065Snapshot_066Snapshot_068Snapshot_067These are just some of the gifts. Most of the come with color huds or multiple colors. One or two don’t, but they’re still nice hair!

Snapshot_062 Snapshot_063Here we have two hairs and two different fitted mesh shirts. Don’t mind how they fit on me, I’m pregnant. Lol.

And just for the guys, yes, they do have guy gifts:

Snapshot_082 Snapshot_079 Snapshot_070

The Hair Fair Can be Found HERE


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