Butthurt over nothing?

So I’m relaxing with the family last night, chit chatting and having fun after having a Date Night, when I get a message. As I’ve said before, this isn’t uncommon and generally not something I mind, this one I did.
Ballistic Gothly: Damn
Ballistic Gothly: Thought you looked like a cute avatar until I read your profile
(Now I have gotten many comments on my profile about how straight forward it is and how it made people laugh. I list what I won’t put up with and random funny stuff I heard as well as stuff about my family. It’s really a typical profile that I see other women have.)
Ballistic Gothly: Your a complete avatar snob lmao
Ballistic Gothly: Is that all you got?
Ballistic Gothly: i mean personality goes a LONG way
Ballistic Gothly: And you have a horrible one
Me: you’re right, you obviously lack one.
Ballistic Gothly: I sure hope your hot in real life cause otherwise, your sorta screwed
Ballistic Gothly: Just saying
Me: since you’re messaging a complete stranger to bitch
Ballistic Gothly: Not bitching
Ballistic Gothly: Just making an observation
Ballistic Gothly: Don’t get so bent out of shape
Ballistic Gothly: Need to smoke some weed or something
Ballistic Gothly: It’s just SL
Me: Here’s my observation. You’re a pompus little twat who somehow felt the need to message me and tell me off because you lack any and all actual life, sit alone on a parcel where no one wants to talk to you and fap all day long. For some reason you felt the need to “take a stand” against some imaginary wrong I’ve done you simply by existing and not being one to deal with idiot’s. But go one, keeping telling me how I’m such a bitch because I’m not inclined to deal with bullshit such as this (i.E being attacked for no reason)
Ballistic Gothly: I mean every complete stranger is accosted, bitched at and told off the moment they read your profile… You need to chill out, dude!
Ballistic Gothly: No one is attacking you lol
Me: you’re obviously a moron and a greifer, have a nice life, my whole family is laughing at you
Ballistic Gothly: Calm down…. Honestly if you act like this in real life lmao

Well, of course I had to drop the convo is family chat. My sister’s were like “What the actual fuck?” My youngest started trying to find him and then….we hear Dad. *tap tap tap tap tap*
Damn, I forgot to remove his name again. It was just so much text and I was half asleep I wasn’t paying attention.
Dad: Obviously surviving cancer taught you no degree of respect or manners for other peoples lives. If you care to IM random people and trash them for their profiles know it can go both ways. Sorry if my babygirl offends you with her mere pressence, since im sure yours does to. If her profile offended you in some way that means you fit into one of the categories she talked shit about, aka a real loser type, which you took the time to so elloquently prove in your little immature rant. Crawl back into whatever hole you spewed from and leave people be. If you have further complaints about her you can address them to me, and believe me I can be way more snobby. 😉
Ballistic Gothly: Lmao. You really had nothing better to do?
Dad: you didnt. hyprcritical much?
Ballistic Gothly: Alright, buddy. you win the battle of the messages. Now scurry back to your “babygirl” and present to her the spoils of victory
Dad: and you will present your hand with a fresh load all alone tonight im sure
Ballistic Gothly: So she and the rest of your pathetic little group of simple minded fools can cackle and haw at your masterful exhibition of masculinity
Ballistic Gothly: That’s really the only reason idiots write someone at a female request
Dad: how pathetic do you have to be to talk shit to someone from their profile. mad because she probably woouldnt want you to begin with and your ealized it and got butt hurt before a single word was spoken
Ballistic Gothly: *yawns* The girls profile was rude, I commented… She got bent out of shape… I told her to calm down… she got further bent out of shape… I told her to have a bowl
Dad: and she didn’t request it I felt the need to be chivalrous on my own after that pathetic attempt to rattle her cage, we as a family collectively are laughing at your bitch ass right now
Ballistic Gothly: *shrugs* get over it
Ballistic Gothly: both you and she
Dad: now im telling you that Im in the first place is rude you hypocritical bitch
Dad: ironic how you see one but not the other
Dad: real loser type
Dad: go have another tumor or something

Now just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with having cancer, however, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be an asshat. Once you act like a douche, all things are fair game.


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