Body Art!

I love body art. In the Real World, I’m tattooed and pierced. Not to the extent I am in SL, but then again, only in SL can you change tattoo’s and piercings on a whim without spending tons of money! So when the Body Art Hunt came out, I was all over it!


Here we have a gorgeous dragon tattoo. If my RL thigh wasn’t already spoken for with other ink, I’d have this on it. On a side note, studies have shown people with dragon tattoo’s, especially women, tend to be more confidant! Bet you didn’t know that!


There is so much going on on my face right now. First, my mask. From my nose bridge on up is all my mask. It’s a tattoo layer, with eye shadow and this beautiful design. This is something I wish I could hang on my wall for décor.

My lipstick is another gift, it comes in five different colors, with snake bite piercings (not shown) and has appliers for all you mesh head addicts out there.

My piercings….oh my piercings…They come from one gift but there are two sets, the middle part and the outside parts are two separate items so you can wear either/ or. I opted to wear both. I love the look of these.

For those that wish to take part in the hunt, the info is HERE


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