The Lost Letter’s Hunt

So, I rarely do HUD based hunts. Mostly because the price of the HUD in such hunts tends to border on stupid. But the Dandelion DayDreams Factory tends to have very cool hunts with original stories and cool prizes, so I always take a peak at what they have going on. Best part? It’s always FREE.

The hunt going on now is the Lost Letter’s Hunt. Basically some thief has stoned all the letter’s from a magical library.
You are tasked with recovering them and six magical books. The hud is simple and low script. You find the book’s, clicks them and they are registered in your HUD as being gotten. You then search the surrounding Area for six letter’s masked as objects pertaining to the theme of whatever book you find. One is Ducks, one is frogs, one is Runes, one is tarot, one is herbs and one is stones.
Overall it wasn’t too difficult and kept me entertained for a good couple of hours. Once you acquire all the books, you’re given a SLURL to the prize point. All those letter’s you found? Hope you wrote them down or note carded them, you need to enter them into a board corresponding with each book.
You then have a last riddle to solve. A Hermit gives you a NC with a riddle and you punch the answer in to another board and Vola! Seven neat prizes!


Here we have a chair, shelf set, plant, rack of potions, staff and ducks. The ducks are really cool. They have stationary ones and ones that will swim around in whatever water you place them in. There is also a tarot typer, which is neat.


I am wearing the other prizes. We have this hat, the forehead and hand gems and the necklace. Incase you can’t tell from my horrible picture, the necklace is the golden ball from The Frog Prince fairy tale.

The Lost Letter’s Hunt is HERE.

Make sure to read the Notecards and instructions!


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