Fakes! Fakes! Fakes Galore!

So, I’ve said it before. I do the whole D/S and BDSM thing. Not just in the SL, but the RL, too. Figured I’d point out another type of fake to you. The person that want’s a mindless puppet with no self esteem. I have asked many Dom’s about this, because it really and truely baffles me why this would be wanted. Short of it is, they’re not. Best way I’ve had it put is;
“If the only thing you are capable of domming is a worthless peice of shit, what does that say about you? I want the biggest, baddest girl out there to kneel before me. That takes strength. That girl is not only strong, confidant and intelligant, but alluring as well, just by being herself.”
My Dom seriously get’s off on me being strong and telling fakes where to stick it. It’s a sure fire way to get dragged to the bedroom. I can compare this to the feeling women get when men stand up for them. That being said, Im in a group where this message has popped up frequently.

Thomas1701 Resident: looking for a woman with NO self esteem willing to perform the most twisted acts i can imagine, IM me

Just on an important note, in his profile he confesses that he’s had multiple men trick him by having female avatars. Say’s something, doesn’t it? So here was my reply after seeing this message constantly.

Me: wouldn’t it be more erotic to have someone with confidence but actually willing to act like a lascivious whore?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): would rather have someone more plyable (Meaning he doesn’t want to put in the work to deal with teaching a sub)
Thomas1701 Resident: hello all you sluts, any of you care to kneel before me?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident makes some popcorn, and gets ready to watch.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): lol
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the line has cast
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): any takers?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident just smiles, listening to the crickets and the sound of fresh popcorn being eaten.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): ah
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): so this group can learn
Me: you still at it, dude? you realize they’re all men, right?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): yes dude i know
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): everyone in this room is a man?
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident chuckles, and keeps eating his popcorn.
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): not if you voice verify
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): when you tried to voice with me with that voice distorter, it was SO bad that you forgot to take in to account that is also distorts your background noice as well (he likes to make these claims at me. We’ve never met. I’ve never hoped on voice for him. He messaged me once and I dismissed him because he demanded voice verification. I have no problem voice verifying, I have a problem with it being demanded like you’re an entitled twat.)
Me: should let you know something about yourself I would think, but then again, we all know you have delusions of grandeur
Me: we all know that was just a vivid masturbation fantasy, thomas.
Me: it’s alright, we understand, only thing you can get is dudes, shhhh, it’s okay. shhhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): and you’ll notice HE’S NOT DENYING IT (I kind of did in a round about way, but that went waaaaay over his head. As was expected.)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): like i said dabunny
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the words is out on you
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): ALL of SL knows about you (Not sure what they know. If he’s talking about me being “A man” it’s still on in his head. I hope on voice all the time for friends and family. I’ve been told I have a very sexy voice, actually. But, this is just part of his insecurities. Because I’m not inclined to take his bullshit, I’m a man. The logic of the moron!)
AshleySkyeRequiem Resident: ive got thomas blocked
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem): and have for a long time lol
Me: shhhh, it’s okay, thomas, it’s all in your head, like any relationship you’ve ever had, shhhh. take your pills and the voices will go away
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem): too annoying to deal with him
Skyze (devin.audurburgh): Yikes !  I don’t know what he did but I don’t want his reputation
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident offers Ashley some popcorn.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): Skyze i Rep is that i don’t give a shit want others think about me
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i want what i want and i’m not afraid to post it
αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem)αʂԋʅҽყ ʂƙყҽ ɾҽϙυιҽɱ (ashleyskyerequiem) grabs it and noms, “Thanks!’
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): thats what their problem with me is
Housyar ResidentHousyar Resident nods amicably to Ashley.
Me:shhhhhhh, it’s okay thomas. we all know you’re so deep in the closet you find holiday gifts you just don’t want to admit it. shhhhhh. we’re here for you, you can be yourself, we won’t judge
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): was that hope in that last text dude?
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): sorry to disapoint
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): totally straight
Me: shhhhhhh, we know you’re in denile. shhhh. it’s okay. you like guy ass. nothing wrong with that. shhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): hope all you want dude
MrX: Thomas has had two other avs he also renamed HIS HIGHNESS, and they’re no longer around.  I’m guessing accounts lost due to age play.  So, if you want to lose your account along with his, go ahead and play with him.  If you want to keep your account, just ignore his stupid ass.  That will bother him far more than arguing with him. (Awwwe, but getting in his head was way too much fun! It really was. I was in family call laughing my ass off and reading what I was posting. Thought my sister was gonna pee herself!)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): even if i were you would never have a chance
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i prefer humans
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): 9 actually
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): but diffrent raoyality tags
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): royality
Me: shhhh, it’s okay. we don’t judge. you’re just a closet pedo homo. be yourself! you don’t have to go around accussing women of being men to make yourself feel better that no real woman wants you. shhhh, just be yourself, watch sesame street and be yourself!
MrX: He’s also illiterate.  Don’t forget that.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): why would i take your favoret hobbie from you dude (He’s regressed to “I know you are but what am I?!” which shows just how immature he is, or how far in his head I’ve gotten. Either way, I damn near pee’d myself!)
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): thats exclusively yours
Me: thats why he needs sesame street. he needs to learn his abc’s and 123’s
MrX: So, losing 9 accounts due to age play?  That’s impressive.  And he needs Sesame Street so he can identify with his victims.
Me: shhhhhh. we know you have to resort to childish insults to cover up your insecurities that you’re gay. just admit it. shhhhh it’s okay
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): has anyone noticed that dabunny has yet to deny that she’s a he (I actually have, more then once. He’s just not smart enough to figure it out. Too busy trying to cover up that I’ve blasted his deepest darkest secret/fear.)
MrX: Who gives a shit what Bunny is?  What we do know is that you’re a twat.
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): finally accepted that he’s been caught
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): and is new resorting to maiing twisted accusations
Me: shhhhh, you keep telling yourself I’m a man. it’s how you get through the day. the fact that I’m a woman and have people vouche for me would explode your little pedo brain. shhhh. it’s okay. take your pills thomas
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): maiing = making
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): i have alts to
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): why are you so unwilling to prove it Hummm?
Me: shhhhhhh, it’s okay. you keep making up shit. take your pills thomas, the voices in your head are getting to you again
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): the pills don’t work
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): your still here
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
Ragar Riler: O.O
MrHamilton Resident: Let’s follow little Tommy’s line of thought.  Bunny must be a man, because she isn’t denying his words.  Tommy isn’t denying he’s a pedophile, therefore, he’s a pedophile.
Me: you’re more then welcome to talk to my daddy ;p
Me: he can verify that you need your pills
Me: shhhhhhhhhe
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): he tried that last night
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): now if she had ant proof of any kind she would have used it (Now, didn’t he say in the begining that I had suppoesdly hopped on voice and was using a voice morpher? Can’t keep his lies straight)
Me: shhhhhh, take your pills. shhhhh
Me: they have support groups out there! you should try one! I hear they’re very helpful! now take your pills and shhhhhh
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): LOL
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): see i don’t have to deny it as he has no exidence of any kind
HIS HIGHNESS (thomas1701): BUT to simply prove that he’s a she all he has the do is voice
Me: I have to go now, thomas. My man wants to hear me *&# on mike for him, but you be a good little gay skitzo and take your pills, okay? it’ll all be okay if you take your pills. shhhhhhh

After all this, Thomas has become a docile little good boy in group. Apparently I get really far in his head. Showed this to the Dom and got dragged away. Snickers,


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