So I haven’t been able to blog much lately. Me and the b/f are making the transition from SL to RL, which is exciting and hectic! Ontop of it, my little avi has gotten knocked up, so I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit since I use the AMD Baby Bump and in recent times, there’s a real lack of makers for it. As I was out the other day while he was at work, trying to find clothes, I came across something I see a bit too often.


This person was 1000+ days old. Old enough to know, this looks retarted. First of all, I can respect and even embrace the different body shapes in SL, what I can’t stand is women who have their tits, ass and anything else, all ridiculously sized. Having Tits that stick out two meter’s from your chest, a waist as big as my thigh and then some jacked up ghetto booty is not attractive. I have nothing against having big tits and ass, but if it’s not something that would be physically possible in the RL, it’s even less attractive in SL.

Same goes for men. Keep your dick a realistic size and when making a female shape, remember proportions. If nothing else, have a female friend do it for you.


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