One thing I love in SL is fighting Zombies. It’s relaxing and fun. I also love how the Grim system Zombies Spray blood like a fountain. Strictly speaking, I prefer the Grim system to other set up’s, just because it allows for more options. I know we all don’t like blowing the heads of zombies, but the ones who do are always on the hunt for a good sim to do it. Being an avid SL explorer, I figured I’d impart some of my travels.

My main Zombie sim WAS The Walking Dead Sim. A really cool sim set up the The Walking Dead show. However, it closed! No reason, no notice, just poof! Gone! Makes me so sad.

Another Sim I visited was the CHAOS City Sim. Overall, I wasn’t impressed. It was small, filled with bots the had the chaos system hud on and besides just sitting and shooting the same 10 dudes over and over again, there wasn’t anything else to do.

Next one is Urban Zombie. Again, wasn’t impressed. You drop in an are IMMEDIATLY harassed to join a group get a system, do this, do that, stand on one foot and spin in a circle! I mean, for all I know, it could be a very nice place, but getting bombarded at the landing point isn’t my idea of welcoming. You have to join the group or you get booted and you have to use the UCZ system, which I’m not very familiar with and don’t really care for. I mean, it could be a nice system, but I never seem to figure it out right.

Valon’s Assault is another one. Over all, it has a very nice layout, however, something there is causing CRAZY lag. To the point where neither I, nor my B/F, who has a really nice comp mind you, couldn’t even MOVE! That’s about as far as we got checking it out.

Next is Fantasy World. This is by far one of the worst ones. The zombie rezzer’s are set to basically be sim fillers, which causes crazy lag along with all the massively scripted shit that has been set out. They have the Quest bot’s set out, but between the clusterfuck of prim bodies and the very poor set up, most quests are impossible to do without cheating. If that wasn’t bad enough, a woman comes on the sim, claiming she’s an admin (I checked, she’s not) and screeches at people on voice, which equals, even more lag. I’m not sure who she is, if she’s the owner’s friend and just has a power complex because of it, or what.
The layout is poor. Very poor. A series of skyboxes (which is fine) but you are liable to get trapped under the ground at any moment and be forced to TP home or use flight override and float up to get out.
On top of all this, it appears as though every building that’s been laid out besides the Grim one’s is from 2000. Ugly, cheap and just a general eye sore.

Next is…and I can’t believe I’m saying this.. MysticDreams/Mormon Zombie Porn Extravaganza.
All in all, it’s not bad. The buildings are a bit cheap in some places, there are no quests and some of the rezzer’s are set to throw out a bit too many at once. It’s also insanely laggy and the staff run’s around on a power trip. God forbid you pause your hud for an emergency. If you do you get banned.

Walking Dead: Z-Island is next. I have mived feelings about this one. It is a GORGEOUS set up. But the Zombie rezzer’s are set to spew out a serious cluster fuck! Luckily, there are a multitude of safe zones through out so it kind of even’s out. No quests though, so you really just sit and shoot, but if you’re looking for a place to start an RP, this would be it. It really is beautiful.

The last but not least, is my favorite so far. Zombie Land 2.0
Overall, the set up is pretty nice. The zombie rezzer’s are set decently so you don’t get mobbed in .347 seconds but you don’t sit and wait five minutes for the next one the rez either. There are quests and they’re not too hard but not too easy either. There are also plenty of safe zones or places the zombies can’t access if you need a pee break or want to do an RP. Lag sometimes snag’s you, but when you get enough of the sim in your cache, it’s not a problem. Overall, it’s my favorite.

That concludes my reviews! I left some places out that really weren’t worth mentioning, mostly because they just didn’t have enough traffic to show up as a blip on the radar and the Grim Run places, because, those are easy to find and the first stop for new zombie hunter’s anyway!


The Heat Wave!

Going on now is an event called The Heat Wave at The Wash, HERE

It’s an awesome event the has most stuff discounted to $10L with each designer having a showcase item sold for $50L. They also have a few cutesy gifts out, which, let’s face it, is all you really care about.

the wash

First are three gifts, a pair of slink high shoes in green, a small mesh butterfly dress and a pair of silver earrings that say “Sweet” and all are FREE!


The other thing’s you can get are the eyes I’m wearing. They’re a bright fire color which makes me feel evil! Muwahahahaha! However, the stuffed doll I picked up kind of takes away from it. For some reason, he goes on your head. He is pretty cute, though.

The chocker and flower barret are from the Fab Free shop HERE

Midnight Mania!

One thing I love in SL is Midnight Mania’s. You slap a board and get free stuff, how awesome is that? M/M boards have given me everything from car’s, houses, clothes, accessories, shoes, skin’s, shapes and a whole host of everything in between. Here are a few nice M/M’s I’ve found today!


First up in a cave, yup a cave. Good for your land or sim if you need that rustic touch. It comes with many options, rain, a swing and some other things I can’t remember. Lol. It doesn’t require a group and can be found HERE


Next is some makeup, very subtle, very pretty. Low number so it’s easy to reach, you can just spam some groups. Free for all, no group needed and found HERE



Last is an outfit with appliers and lots of Lucky chairs and group gifts. Group is free to join and the M/M doesn’t need a group at all. It all can be found HERE

The Ugly and the Beautiful!

One of my most favorite stores in SL is Aii, The Ugly and the Beautiful. Anytime I go, I make sure to watch myself as I am liable to spend all my money and buy everything, including stuff I don’t need and won’t ever use.

Luckily, she has lots of free stuff in her store to slake my buying lust and keep my from being guilty of hoarding.

When you first enter, at the entry panel is a free gift. It’s a female dragon avatar with skin, tattoo’s, a tail and even Lola and TMP appliers.

Then you head to the right and up towards the avatar section. In the back is a room of freebies and cheapies! Some useful, some quirky but all beautiful.



All in all, A wonderful store. I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re looking for something off the wall for you RP or just something you can’t find anywhere else, check her out. Her prices are very reasonable. I think the most expensive thing is her avi’s which are $350L. The Aii store can be found HERE

Yet another Loser.

I like to go to Urban sims to hang out while I piddle in my inventory or blog, doesn’t mean I want to bump uglies with the local “ghetto”. But, of course, you get the entitled twats who think just because you sport a rack it means you want to fuck them. Makes Sense, right?

Here’s what I got today from the lovely “Gentleman” in the photo above. First of all, wtf is with the cock? Talk about compensating!

[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): hi bb
[2015/05/27 13:12] Me: bb?
[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): yeah
[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): why not
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: wtf is bb?
[2015/05/27 13:13] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): baby
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: last I checked I wasn’t your ‘baby’
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: and you seem to have been mugged
[2015/05/27 13:13] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): then ur in the wrong fucking place
[2015/05/27 13:14] Me: I’m in the wrong place because I don’t want some n00b loser to call me Baby?
[2015/05/27 13:14] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): noob? lmao u fat whore (Not the first time I’ve been called this and it won’t be the last. Somehow because I don’t feel like fucking him/ them, I’m fat. Makes Sense.)
[2015/05/27 13:14] Me: whats with the cock? compensating for your RL needle dick?

I then dropped him my favorite Note Card that I frequently pass around and hand out to people I know to pass around as well, entitled “Guys, Not getting Enough Pussy?” Which talks about n00bs, oversized body parts being a turn off, freebie ugly cocks (I think he had an On Duty.) And just why all he can seem to get are the M key abusers to fuck him.

Just another Guy you ladies can go ahead and pre-block so you don’t have to deal with him.

Getting Glamourus!

As I said before, I’m not much of the girly type. When you grow up with five other boys, you trade skirts for slacks and tea parties for rough tag games. I do, however, like when I got to formal events that allow me to get girly and put on my nicer gowns. Never mind that my nicer RL gowns have just slightly more décor then my sun dresses.

Needless to say, my gowns in Second life have a bit more flair and get used a good deal more.

So, When I saw these two beauties while skimming through Market Place, I snagged them!Snapshot_057The first gown is mesh, and it works well with my Maitreya body. It has optional flexi skirt add on’s that give the gown a more ethereal look as you walk. It’s only $1L on MP HERE

Snapshot_058The second is this gown that combines two things I love. Roses and the color Black. It has a flexi skirt with no mesh skirt, which I don’t care for, but luckily enough the skirt is full enough so it doesn’t matter much. The gown can be found HERE, also for $1L! It also comes in Red and Blue, also $1L and you can pick up the tango applier set for an additional $1L, but that’s all three appliers for that price, so it’s not bad.


Where I grew up, one thing was common, Theme Parks. Most of them had been abandoned for years, run down ruins of era’s long since gone, that, as a child, filled me with wonder and a strange sense of nostalgia. My parent’s were dismayed when I would attempt to explore these former hubs of lights, music and fatty foods, but indulged me to a point. I liked finding things, however mediocre, and taking them home with me.

The Bewbalicious Carnival brought back all these memories. Best part? You get better gifts then the torn lace gloves and broken charm necklaces I used to uncover.

Snapshot_052 First up is this lovely off the shoulder dress. It has omega Appliers with it, infact, ALL the gifts do! I won’t mention that standing next to the food booth in heels and not even reaching the window gave me a bit of a complex….oops, I just did.

Snapshot_053Next is this outfit. The skirt and shirt both come together. Incase you can’t see it, the shirt says “Shameless”. You would think with all the boobage, it would be easier to see, but my breast didn’t want to behave.

Snapshot_054 Next is this top and tights set. The colors and patterns give it a very carnival feel that I loved as I snuck off to ride one of the Kiddie Bumpers. I’m a kid at heart, what can I say?

Snapshot_055I also got this Orange Tank top, which was just lovely and worked well with a pair of shorts I already had.

Snapshot_056And last, but certainly not least, This patterned tank top. The design was kind of vintage to me. In fact, I think I had something like this as a kid some *mumbles* years ago. And because it’s not JUST clothes, I also got this suitcase too! I may need it. All this nostalgia makes me wish to go back home!

All these things can be found HERE. You do have to join the group, but it’s FREE, so no worries there. Just go to each booth and click the ones that have the red and whites stripped cup cake with the hover text that says Gift.

Roses and Mocha

I am not a girly girl. I probably wear dresses more in SL then I do in RL. I have boxes of jewelry I never wear, heels I don’t touch and frilly nonsense that still has the tags on it. I’m a black color girl who likes t-shirts, jeans and the occasional sun dress.

That being said, for some reason I love, love LOVE this dress. Maybe it’s the vintage feel to it, maybe it’s just that I love roses (I have a RL tattoo of roses on my back) or maybe it’s just that it’s different. Whatever the case, I saw it on a hunt blog as part of the Dolled Up Hunt and rushed out to grab it HERE for only $1L! It has lola appliers, so if you like being a busty babe like me, it’s even more perfect.

On top of the dress, I made a little trip to The Cosmetic Fair HERE . They have many wonderful maker’s there with some lovely product out. But, you want freebies.

The skin I’m wearing is a free gift there, all you have to do it join the group (also FREE). The skin Doesn’t come with appliers, HOWEVER if you go to the main store you can pick up all the appliers for free. Mainstore is HERE.

The Smokey eye shadow is another thing I picked up at the cosmetic fair. They had a good amount of gifts out, slink nails, makeup’s, face tattoo’s, etc. All free and all lovely.


So This happened in a group I’m in. It was hilarious.
Ragar Riler: any other activities going on out ther?
Zoe Wyx: it’s so quiet
Ragar Riler: americans are all gone on vacation lol
Me: cricket cricket
Ragar Riler: lol isnt the sound a cricket makes a chirp?
lkman Resident: hello all
Me: nope. they’re like pokemon. they go cricket cricket
Ragar Riler: you have some awesome crickets where your at
Me: mhm. I throw pokeballs at them sometimes buth they flick me off
Ragar Riler: dang
Ragar Riler: need to weaken them first, lower their hp
Me: I try throwing stuff at them, but it doesn’t seem to work
Ragar Riler: going all safari zone style
Me: lol
Ragar Riler: neeed safari balls or something
Me: I’ll have to hunt some down from the Safari arena and try those. I gotta catch those crickets!
Ragar Riler: gotta catch em all
Me: boobie-mon!
Ragar Riler: haha
Ragar Riler: sounds about right
Ragar Riler: XD
Me: I wanna be the very breast
Ragar Riler: Like no jugs ever was
Azazaer Resident: lmao
Me: to jiggle them is my real test
Ragar Riler: to motor boat is my cause
Me: I will travel across titty bars
Poolboy12 Resident: lol
Ragar Riler: searching far and wide, to teach Boobie-mon the tasteness inside
Ragar Riler: tastiness*
Me: boobie-mon!!!!!
DaBunny cheesey pose
Poolboy12 Resident: lol
Ragar Riler: XD
Ragar Riler: that was epic!
DaBunny hi fives
Ragar RilerRagar Riler high fives
Ragar RilerRagar Riler takes a bow
Ragar Riler: your welcome. ill be here all week
Me: encore encore
Ragar RilerRagar Riler starts to play the intro in metal style
Ragar Riler: Boobiemon, (gotta fondle them all) a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you
BooB-ie-mon Gotta catch ’em all
Me: our bust lines will pull us through!!!!!
Me: you grope me and I’ll grope you
Ragar Riler: yes that ^
Me: lmao
Ragar Riler: im gonna start my journey to be a booiemon master

It went on like that for a while and I almost pissed myself.

Another Fake Dom.

To be blunt, I do BDSM and D/S in the Real life. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it.

One thing I have seen a clusterfuck off on SL, is fake Dom’s. This pisses me off. Fake dom’s care nothing about a sub’s needs. Real one’s nurture a sub, fake one’s destroy them. When faced with a real sub, they piss themselves and resort to insulting to make themselves feel like the man they’re not. The same is true for the female Domme.

BDSM is not about bullying. I have never felt bullied by a Dom/me. I have always felt cherished, loved and cared for. The novel 50 shades of gray has only fed into the fake dom/me bullshit. It depicts nothing but abuse.

So, I was messaged by one such fake dom today. He had messaged me before and I blocked him, but I occasionally clean my block list because when I’m in a laggy sim and someone is on voice, has a particle exploder or for some of those group shouter things at landing points, I block those. So cleaning it out becomes necessary. I guess I snagged his name by accident too, or I just didn’t remember who he was. Here’s the convo.
Xaxier Resident: slaps that phat white ass (Charming intro. This was how he first greeted me and it’s nothing but a sign of disrespect. Above all, subs have a right to be respected and a right to demand it.)
Me: ahhh, it’s the fake dom again
Me: do you message me everyday?
Me: how sad for you
Xaxier Resident: not everyday slut just when i notice you around
Me: why though? I have no interest in you, you’re a little boy playing at being a dom that has no idea about BDSM/DS in the slightest. did I hurt your little needle dick pride when I pointed out you were nothing but a fake. awwwwe
Me: I’m curious about who your alt is though
Me: you’re not on the same sim with me
Me: so I need to find him and report you both 
Xaxier Resident: chuckles (Capital rp action there. Didn’t even use /me)
Xaxier Resident: ah slut, i enjoy hearing you prattle on and whine
Xaxier Resident: its amusing
Me: if you call it whining when I stat a blatant fact, sure. must be such a strong blow to your pathetic pride (This girl has a point! I still don’t get how any of this was whining. Guess he was more butthurt then I thought and had to validate himself somehow. That’s just sad.)
Me: and all five of your IQ points
Xaxier Resident: im sure your always angry when blacks are amused by your nonesense, she cant get her way so shes going to cry about it (Can safely say, doesn’t happen. If you call nonsense being a real woman and sub, then…well…sad for you)
Me: lets face it love, you wouldn’t be able to handle me
Me: I’m a real sub
Me: you’re a fake
Xaxier Resident: tahts what most brats say (LOL! I’m a brat cause he’s a fake. Totally makes sense.)
Me: not angry at all
Me: I find you utterly pathetic
Xaxier Resident: you dont follow the rules so im going to whine about it
Me: and the only nonsense here is yours
Me: you think you’re a dom
Me: you’re not
Xaxier Resident: i always enjoy annoying sluts like you
Me: go ahead and whine
Me: and I like to degrade pathetic fakes like you
Me: I know what this is about
Me: I’m a real woman
Me: you can’t handle that
Me: it’s a serious blow to your pathetic pride
Me: and amusing to me
Me: so keep it up, love. I’m having fun
Xaxier Resident: real woman dont bitch when they cant get their way
Me: I’m not bitching. and what am I not getting?
Me: you’re not making sense
Me: must be the only way you can distract from what a fake you are
Xaxier Resident: as i said slut you dont like that i dont follow the rules (Yeah, this makes you such a bad ass! In reality, he’d be on the floor at a play party or BDSM club after some real SUB’s whopped his ass.)
Xaxier Resident: i find rules quite boring (So, the well being, both emotion and physical, or another person who is putting their trust in you to take care of them and not hurt them is…boring?)

Honestly, I could go on and on, but I’m just going to show some excerpts he put and point out what’s wrong with them. I’m doing this to educate you on what is and isn’t a dom/me and who you need to steer clear of. People like this do nothing but dole out abuse. Everything he says is a red flag and should anyone ever say stuff like this to you, block/walk away.
 Xaxier Resident: i dont need to bully them slut
Xaxier Resident: they already now were they belong (I’m all for some extreme play, but outside of a scene, no one says this. While in play, my Dom may tell me I belong at his feet/ under his foot/ beneath him. But outside of one, he know’s my place is at his side, because I have a say in what happens to me. Being a sub does not mean your opinion doesn’t matter. Infact, it mean’s it matter’s more because this is your WELLBEING on the line.)

Me: tell me, in a d/s relationship, who has all the power?
Me: what is one thing of the Submissives bill of rights? (Can be found HERE)
Xaxier Resident: should i give you the real answer slut
Xaxier Resident: or the one from your little handbook (HUGE red flag. In a d/s or BDSM relation ship, the real power comes from the sub. I give up my power and control to my dom as a sign of trust. He has as much or as little power as I see fit/ trust him enough, with. My power is never, ever taken from me.)

Me: you realize you’re just a needle dick loser who couldn’t get laid in rl cause you live in your moms basement so you act like a cunt on SL and bigger idiots buy it, right? (Let me clarify, if you don’t know your rights as a sub, that’s your fault. You can find them on google, talking to other experienced subs, dom/me’s. In the information age, being ignorant is no excuse. I have helped many new subs learn their rights in this life style and most are surprised by just how many rights they have. In SL, most come from GOR which is not at all like actual BDSM. Granted, I don’t know EVERYTHING about Gor, but what I have read and seen has appalled me. I think my sister put it best. “Treat me like a princess in public, a whore in the bedroom, but a PERSON at all times.”)
Me: oh please. I know the reason you keep trying to message me is because you just can’t handle that I’m a real woman
Xaxier Resident: real as in bratty (Demanding respect does not make you a brat. It makes you a person. If the one you demand it from refuses to give it to you, they area fake and a child. Don’t bother with them.)

I made this to be informative. A sub’s wellbeing is key. Any “dom” who acts and talks like this is a fake and does not have your wellbeing in mind. Block them. If you want more info, feel free to message me.

For reference, HERE is a good article on what an actual Dom/Me is.