EnMESHed into Summer

We all love mesh things. They look awesome, they’re low prim and just nicer then prim or sculpts. In most cases at least. That being said, the ‘Enmeshed Into Summer Hunt’ which is FREE, was something I just had to do. I wasn’t able to get it finished in one day, it’s just too big, but I did about half. The items were not too too bad to find, but be warned, some of the hints are obscure and some of the items you’ll spend a good 20 minutes in store looking for them. That being said, the items make it all totally worth it.


First is one of my favorites. This gazebo is fucking gorgeous. Even in the worst settings it looks beautiful. This was one of those items that I whipped out to showcase to the family because they tease me about hunts. Needless to say, they all ran out to get one, even Dad who can be a snob about stuff sometimes. Never mind that he had something similar, this was gorgeous and fucking free! lol, love my family. You also get this really nice dove house that has the dove noises in it.


You also get the cute ice cream lights above my head, the chair and table set behind me, and everything I’m wearing except the hat and hair. I feel like such a beach babe in this outfit.

Dabun hops in the car and speeds off towards the beach. Her SL driving sucks though, so she crashes into the house. She climbs out of the car, throws a tarp over the mess and walks instead. “I’m in trouble when the family get’s home.”


So while I was at the beach, I pulled out my Movie Lounger, stripped down to my suit and soaked up some sun. I also switched out my sunglasses for another pair I picked up. I’ve gotten something like three or four pairs so far. A little overkill, but if you need sunglasses, hey, perfect!


Last, but certainly not least is this shirt, shorts, sunglasses (again?! Told ya!) the chair and the lights. The chair is really nice but it only has two poses. The lights are super cool. They flicker and alternate on and off in a pattern like those xmas lights my mom used to put on the tree to amuse us. All really neat stuff and I highly recommend doing the hunt.

The starting point is HERE.


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