Midsummer Night’s Dream

Did you guys really think I would be able to pass up this hunt? I’ve done at least some of it, every year, ever since it came out. Generally I just run a pick up the things from my favorite stores because…well….I have enough of an inventory problem…

I’m show casing a few of the most spectacular items you get, not that all the prizes aren’t great, but I’m a bit on the sick side and having to fight my comp with my graphics cranked up isn’t something I’m keen on right now, sorry guys.


Here we have a gorgeous build, this whole stone thing is part of one prize and in my opinion, one of those weird must haves. Never know when you need ruins and these are stunning!


Here is another prize, a beautiful wooden swing with lights as well as the tattoo I’m wearing. I love this tattoo and it quickly became my main tattoo for everyday.


Yet another set of ruins. This one is more clean cut but no less imposing. Forgive the crappy picture, SL wasn’t letting me get the angle right to showcase it, my camera kept jumping. That and it’s massive size just didn’t end well.


Here we have an unclose of the temple’s interior, a spell table you get which is perfect for all you sorcerer’s and witches out there. The dress and heels are yet another gift and very pretty.

On a side note, the Hair I’m wearing is a free gift from Little Bones! If you need hair, I highly recommend them. It’s $100L to join the group, but for all that you get a new hair each month with a HUD and periodically she includes fatpacks! On top of all that, you get to pick up all the past group gifts! I mean, for $100L you can really fill your hair folder!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt can be found HERE and is $1L

Little Bones Mainstore can be found HERE


Butthurt over nothing?

So I’m relaxing with the family last night, chit chatting and having fun after having a Date Night, when I get a message. As I’ve said before, this isn’t uncommon and generally not something I mind, this one I did.
Ballistic Gothly: Damn
Ballistic Gothly: Thought you looked like a cute avatar until I read your profile
(Now I have gotten many comments on my profile about how straight forward it is and how it made people laugh. I list what I won’t put up with and random funny stuff I heard as well as stuff about my family. It’s really a typical profile that I see other women have.)
Ballistic Gothly: Your a complete avatar snob lmao
Ballistic Gothly: Is that all you got?
Ballistic Gothly: i mean personality goes a LONG way
Ballistic Gothly: And you have a horrible one
Me: you’re right, you obviously lack one.
Ballistic Gothly: I sure hope your hot in real life cause otherwise, your sorta screwed
Ballistic Gothly: Just saying
Me: since you’re messaging a complete stranger to bitch
Ballistic Gothly: Not bitching
Ballistic Gothly: Just making an observation
Ballistic Gothly: Don’t get so bent out of shape
Ballistic Gothly: Need to smoke some weed or something
Ballistic Gothly: It’s just SL
Me: Here’s my observation. You’re a pompus little twat who somehow felt the need to message me and tell me off because you lack any and all actual life, sit alone on a parcel where no one wants to talk to you and fap all day long. For some reason you felt the need to “take a stand” against some imaginary wrong I’ve done you simply by existing and not being one to deal with idiot’s. But go one, keeping telling me how I’m such a bitch because I’m not inclined to deal with bullshit such as this (i.E being attacked for no reason)
Ballistic Gothly: I mean every complete stranger is accosted, bitched at and told off the moment they read your profile… You need to chill out, dude!
Ballistic Gothly: No one is attacking you lol
Me: you’re obviously a moron and a greifer, have a nice life, my whole family is laughing at you
Ballistic Gothly: Calm down…. Honestly if you act like this in real life lmao

Well, of course I had to drop the convo is family chat. My sister’s were like “What the actual fuck?” My youngest started trying to find him and then….we hear Dad. *tap tap tap tap tap*
Damn, I forgot to remove his name again. It was just so much text and I was half asleep I wasn’t paying attention.
Dad: Obviously surviving cancer taught you no degree of respect or manners for other peoples lives. If you care to IM random people and trash them for their profiles know it can go both ways. Sorry if my babygirl offends you with her mere pressence, since im sure yours does to. If her profile offended you in some way that means you fit into one of the categories she talked shit about, aka a real loser type, which you took the time to so elloquently prove in your little immature rant. Crawl back into whatever hole you spewed from and leave people be. If you have further complaints about her you can address them to me, and believe me I can be way more snobby. 😉
Ballistic Gothly: Lmao. You really had nothing better to do?
Dad: you didnt. hyprcritical much?
Ballistic Gothly: Alright, buddy. you win the battle of the messages. Now scurry back to your “babygirl” and present to her the spoils of victory
Dad: and you will present your hand with a fresh load all alone tonight im sure
Ballistic Gothly: So she and the rest of your pathetic little group of simple minded fools can cackle and haw at your masterful exhibition of masculinity
Ballistic Gothly: That’s really the only reason idiots write someone at a female request
Dad: how pathetic do you have to be to talk shit to someone from their profile. mad because she probably woouldnt want you to begin with and your ealized it and got butt hurt before a single word was spoken
Ballistic Gothly: *yawns* The girls profile was rude, I commented… She got bent out of shape… I told her to calm down… she got further bent out of shape… I told her to have a bowl
Dad: and she didn’t request it I felt the need to be chivalrous on my own after that pathetic attempt to rattle her cage, we as a family collectively are laughing at your bitch ass right now
Ballistic Gothly: *shrugs* get over it
Ballistic Gothly: both you and she
Dad: now im telling you that Im in the first place is rude you hypocritical bitch
Dad: ironic how you see one but not the other
Dad: real loser type
Dad: go have another tumor or something

Now just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with having cancer, however, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be an asshat. Once you act like a douche, all things are fair game.

The Lost Letter’s Hunt

So, I rarely do HUD based hunts. Mostly because the price of the HUD in such hunts tends to border on stupid. But the Dandelion DayDreams Factory tends to have very cool hunts with original stories and cool prizes, so I always take a peak at what they have going on. Best part? It’s always FREE.

The hunt going on now is the Lost Letter’s Hunt. Basically some thief has stoned all the letter’s from a magical library.
You are tasked with recovering them and six magical books. The hud is simple and low script. You find the book’s, clicks them and they are registered in your HUD as being gotten. You then search the surrounding Area for six letter’s masked as objects pertaining to the theme of whatever book you find. One is Ducks, one is frogs, one is Runes, one is tarot, one is herbs and one is stones.
Overall it wasn’t too difficult and kept me entertained for a good couple of hours. Once you acquire all the books, you’re given a SLURL to the prize point. All those letter’s you found? Hope you wrote them down or note carded them, you need to enter them into a board corresponding with each book.
You then have a last riddle to solve. A Hermit gives you a NC with a riddle and you punch the answer in to another board and Vola! Seven neat prizes!


Here we have a chair, shelf set, plant, rack of potions, staff and ducks. The ducks are really cool. They have stationary ones and ones that will swim around in whatever water you place them in. There is also a tarot typer, which is neat.


I am wearing the other prizes. We have this hat, the forehead and hand gems and the necklace. Incase you can’t tell from my horrible picture, the necklace is the golden ball from The Frog Prince fairy tale.

The Lost Letter’s Hunt is HERE.

Make sure to read the Notecards and instructions!

EnMESHed part 2

So I finished the hunt today. I’m really happy with some of the stuff I got. The hunt had equal parts of clothes and furniture and some really high quality items in it.


We have here a beach cake, an arch with a fountain, a vase that shoots colorful sparks, a sand castle and a flower set with a watercan.

Dabun pauses to catch her breath.

On top of that, the shoes, top and shorts are also separate items you get. I loooooved the shorts. Optional add-ons, rose pattern, really nicely done texturing. Loved them.


Here is a beachy outfit that really goes with my hat. Hat isn’t included, sorry. Old hairfair gift.


Yet another outfit. A skirt and top that are really nice. The skirt alpha is a little weird, though, which is why you see the big blank spot. It would have made more sense to just do the butt and sides and leave some crotch, I mean, I can wear panties, ya know?


After all the work I dressed in the sun dress and munched on some ice cream sandwiches. Both are prizes.


If you’re wandering why I haven’t mentioned the furniture, it’s because it all comes with this really wonderful gazebo. Everything is one piece so you can just rez it pre furnished and look like you worked really hard to decorate! I know you guys were thinking I had upped my decorating game, but no, I didn’t. I rez stuff to showcase it, sorry. Haha. You also get this nice dress I’m wearing.

Well, I’m off to sort this mess!

Hunt Hint page can be found HERE

EnMESHed into Summer

We all love mesh things. They look awesome, they’re low prim and just nicer then prim or sculpts. In most cases at least. That being said, the ‘Enmeshed Into Summer Hunt’ which is FREE, was something I just had to do. I wasn’t able to get it finished in one day, it’s just too big, but I did about half. The items were not too too bad to find, but be warned, some of the hints are obscure and some of the items you’ll spend a good 20 minutes in store looking for them. That being said, the items make it all totally worth it.


First is one of my favorites. This gazebo is fucking gorgeous. Even in the worst settings it looks beautiful. This was one of those items that I whipped out to showcase to the family because they tease me about hunts. Needless to say, they all ran out to get one, even Dad who can be a snob about stuff sometimes. Never mind that he had something similar, this was gorgeous and fucking free! lol, love my family. You also get this really nice dove house that has the dove noises in it.


You also get the cute ice cream lights above my head, the chair and table set behind me, and everything I’m wearing except the hat and hair. I feel like such a beach babe in this outfit.

Dabun hops in the car and speeds off towards the beach. Her SL driving sucks though, so she crashes into the house. She climbs out of the car, throws a tarp over the mess and walks instead. “I’m in trouble when the family get’s home.”


So while I was at the beach, I pulled out my Movie Lounger, stripped down to my suit and soaked up some sun. I also switched out my sunglasses for another pair I picked up. I’ve gotten something like three or four pairs so far. A little overkill, but if you need sunglasses, hey, perfect!


Last, but certainly not least is this shirt, shorts, sunglasses (again?! Told ya!) the chair and the lights. The chair is really nice but it only has two poses. The lights are super cool. They flicker and alternate on and off in a pattern like those xmas lights my mom used to put on the tree to amuse us. All really neat stuff and I highly recommend doing the hunt.

The starting point is HERE.

Too Funny!

So me and the family are sitting in my sister’s back yard around a fire pit, talking, cuddling, laughing, etc. Some guy messages me. As I’ve said before, this isn’t uncommon. I have an Auto Response to non-friends set up to say something along the lines of “No ao, empty profiles and 400 day old n00b looking people will be ignored.” This is mostly for the drive by loggers. People who keep their avatar as basic looking as possible and log in just to bash the M key and beg for teh smex.

The guy I speak of was one such person. A four month old account, which I can let some stuff slid at the young, but an empty profile isn’t one of them. He had literally one line in his profile that pertained to sex and all his groups hidden. He knew to hide his groups but not to fill out his profile? Yeaaah. Well he messaged me, not once, not twice, but three times. Now, each message I immediately exited. So each time he messaged me, he got my auto response. You’d think he would get the hint. Apparently not.

Me and the Family are all one voice, laughing, cutting up and being silly, when I get annoyed and say something like, “Really fucker? Take the hint!” Dad immediately perks up.

“What’s wrong, sweety?”

“This dude has gotten my auto three times and is still trying to talk to me. Is he stupid?” I take the convo and post it in family chat. My family starts with the, “Seriously, wtf is he thinking he’s gonna get.” Dad laughs and I hear his keyboard. Oops, I forgot to take his name out. He’s messaging the guy. He’s not really cool with his daughter’s being harassed. He then posts the convo in family chat and we all break out in stiches. I think my youngest sister peed herself.

Dad: hey
Dad: how are you
xxBLACKDARKxx: fine
Dad: good to hear
Dad: why are you harassing my daughter?
Dad: XD
xxBLACKDARKxx: what is her name ? (He must be mass spamming tons of girls if he has to ask this. Lovely.lol)
Dad: her name is: if you get an auto-response people probably don’t want to talk right now. that and your empty profile just doesn’t make people want to talk to you in general. XD
xxBLACKDARKxx: aha
Dad: I will take that as you understand and we are now on the same page
Dad): and I will let you have a nice night and go back about your business
Dad: have a good one
xxBLACKDARKxx: any way i was looking for my sis
Dad: anyway, you didn’t find her
 xxBLACKDARKxx: maybe
xxBLACKDARKxx: 😉 (At this point we hear dad say; “Seriously, fucker?!” I tend to agree. Three auto responses and my dad saying to fuck off and you still can’t take the hint? WooooooW)
Dad: our whole family is laughing at you
Dad: so I don’t think so
Dad: but you keep pressing at an auto response
Dad: maybe the server will want you (I thought my sister was going to die at this. She had to cut her mic off for a good couple minutes.)
xxBLACKDARKxx: i don’t care
xxBLACKDARKxx: bye bye 😛 (hence why you keep talking to auto response windows and never real people.)
Dad: toodles. pity you like to interact with empty IM windows, maybe you should upgrade to licking glass.

By the end of it, we were all rolling and Dad was going, “Don’t fuck with my baby’s!” I could seriously hear my one sister pounding on some surface with her hand in RL and I had to jump up and run to the bathroom before I wet myself.

Furniture Stuffs!

We all know just how expensive furniture can get in SL. I had a friend who seriously spent $30,000L on a bed. Granted, it was very nice bed with a multitude of animations and you could change the look of it to a completely different bed, but thirty thousand?! I almost fainted. to put $1000L in is about $8 USD. Soooo, yeah, do the math. But, just like anything else, with a little bit of looking, you can find some very nice stuff for free or super cheap. I do recommend doing hunts as many times makers give out really nice pieces. My family and friends are always surprised when I pull out some furniture that I got for free or super cheap on MP or on a hunt. So, in keeping with my marketplace kick, here’s some furniture!




















































Another Fake Dom!

Still another one! I swear they’re a dime a dozen but this one is different from the typical “Supah Matash! Bow Down Fuckah!” guys that you typically find. He likes to post in group a long list of criteria for his sub which include being monogamous, liking video games and staying on Skype with him for looooong hours. Oh, and let’s not forget being unquestionably submissive to him. This was all read to me by my Dad while we were shooting Zombies. Needless to say we all found a safe place and sat to listen while Dad ripped him a new asshole. Dad’s into BDSM too. Here’s what the guy posts;
Cory Lemton: Hey everyone. I’m currently looking for a submissive woman/babygirl that has an interest in computer games (Kindof like Guild Wars 2, DayZ, 7 Days to Die, Rust, Aion and so on). I am looking for someone who is mature and serious about the D/S lifestyle. Someone who uses skype often (Don’t worry, not cam :P) and isn’t afraid of voice or awkward about it. I am a patient, devoted and loving person and hope to find the same. I am a one partner kindof guy, and expect the same of my submissive. What I want is someone to talk to on skype for long hours and get to know as much as someone can about them over the internet. I want someone I can play games with. Spend long hours with and build a strong bond with on more than just a sexual level. So if you’re out there, please feel free to send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you :).

So we sit there listening Daddy read out what he posts in one of the groups this dude spams and laughing, because, well, Dad’s right and everyone is cheering him on.  When he’s done, I pull up the guy’s profile out of curiosity. Here’s what I find.

Main Profile:

Just on here to talk to friends. Roleplay occasionally and search for a gamer submissive to chat with. (Because one totally has to do with the other. WTF is this? Match.com?) Check D/S picks if you’re curious. I’m also quite nice, so feel free to IM ^^.
Games i’m currently playing: Guild Wars 2. DayZ, Warframe, Minecraft, and Aion.
I like quite a few games :P..
And this:

Pick 1, What I look for in a Submissive:

As a disclaimer. Since alot of people lack  the common sense to realise this. Unless I am approaching you about your submission, please do not presume that a section of my profile is asking you if you’re interested in this. (Yet you’re going to spam every fucking group out there and post in the main part of your profile how you’re looking for a g/f? Ooooookay.)

When I am looking for a submissive the most important thing  I am looking for is a PC gamer girl. (Again, wtf does this have to do with being a submissive?)
I want someone who is willing to use skype and chat for long hours.

I’m looking for someone loving and compassionate.
Someone who tries to understand rather than being stubborn in her ways. (Because instead of doing the actual work all other Dom’s do to teach and nurture a Submissive, he want’s everything handed to him. FAKE)
I want someone who doesn’t fight and argue alot.
Someone sweet and willing to trust that I will acknowledge her feelings and do my best to make sure she’s happy.(Instead of EARNING a sub’s trust you expect it handed to you. Any BDSM or D/S relationship is built on mutual trust that takes time to cultivate. Short cut’s lead to people getting hurt.)
Someone who I can talk for hours with over skype.
I need someone whom I can take care of, protect, nurture, and love.
Someone I can play videogames with and get to know on an intellectual  level.
Someone I can spend alot of my time getting to know.
I want someone who enjoys MMO’s and games in general.
Continued in part 2.

Pick 2, What I look for in a Submissive, Continued;

Someone who will not say they are a submissive. Then they say “I only submit under these unique circumstances”. (Let me be clear, every submissive has unique circumstances under which they will submit. What are those? TRUST! I do not submit to someone I don’t know or trust and only under certain circumstances do I engage in particular kinks, which also require, you guessed it, TRUST. Stop acting like all subs out there are put on earth for your personal pleasure you little twat.)

While I get why this is said, it is not at all attractive to me. That is a weekend submissive. Someone who dips in and out of submission whenever it is convenient. I am looking for a true submissive. When using the words “I am a submissive”, please make sure that is a quality that is infact your personality. And not something you occasionally do. (I would remind you that when using the words “I am a Dominant.” Make sure you actually are and know what being a sub and a dom actually entails instead of, once again, using people as your personal service workers.)

If you have an interest in myself and you want to earn my attention. That is best done by showing me your submission. I do not take kindly to someone coming before me and being stuck in their ways and refusing to show me what I am investing my time into. (Once again, this goes back to not wanting to do work. Excuse me, but I don’t EARN your attention, dear. YOU. EARN. MY. SUBMISION. Calling yourself a DOM does not mean you are entitled to the service of every sub that comes your way. Sub’s are not robots you can program to do your will. They are people and when first entering into a relationship with a DOM, they misbehave and test the water’s to ensure their dom of choice is actually going to do his job and help her grow as a Sub. If you can’t handle this, you are more then welcome to go get a blow up doll and stick a collar on it, they generally don’t fight back.)

Another strange thing I keep coming across is while some girls claim to be submissives. One thing they forget how to do is to first be a decent human being. If you’re a nasty person and you’re rude to people, chances are you won’t win in my book. Please make sure you’re a good person first and foremost. (No, dear. What you come across are ACTUAL sub’s who aren’t inclined to take your bullshit. Being a Sub does not mean you are a meek doormat. Sorry real women are too much for you to handle.)

Pick 3, My Dominant Side:

I am a compassionate yet stern dominant. I am devoted, understanding and loving. I love to spend hours and hours with my submissive. Getting to know her completely.
I aspire to be a patient man. I am completely devoted to my submissive.
I am her sword and shield. (You are a fake, dear. PERIOD)

Pick 4, The Naughty Bits:

I have plenty of them. BDSM being the most prevalent one of them all. I am quite a bit of a freak in bed. I don’t mind things being switched up for the sake of kink.
I do have quite the oral fetish. I do love a good little cock sucker. Especially one who is desperate and isn’t afraid to talk dirty while doing it. (Now this I want to see. In my experience, I can either give you oral, or I can dirty talk, I have never been talented enough to do both at the same time. Can this ideal girl you speak of also drink water and ‘sing row row row your boat’ at the same time?)

Pick 5, The Naughty Bits 2:

The largest among my list of fetishes would have to be monster girls. (Wait…what?)
I have a huge fetish for monster girls (Succubi mostly)  that enjoy feeding on a mans sperm in a special way. This creature or demoness, or succubus uses her powers of telepathy and mind control (Hypnosis or what have you) to turn the mans mind into mush. Bending his will and turning him into a willing mind slave. (Woah woah woah. Didn’t you just say you were a Dom? Now you’re talking about how your biggest fetish is having your mind turned to mush and being made into a slave? What the Actual Fuck?)

This creature feeds on the mans sperm. She uses a special long thin tongue (A probiscis of sorts) to penetrate deep down inside of the head of a mans cock and right down to his balls where she proceeds to suck his cum up through her tongue like a straw and proceeds to drink him dry. Sucking up the sperm and the souls within. http://imgur.com/iXwFYB5
The succubus would then proceed to inflate his balls with magic to provide her with a far more sufficient meal. (Ahhhh, now it all makes sense. The reason you can’t understand how to or actually be a proper Dom is that you’re a closet Sub. Don’t get me wrong, they’re is nothing wrong with being a male sub, or any sub. But just fucking admit it and accept it. Don’t hide behind some false sense of power just because you lack confidence and admitting you’re actually a sub makes you feel emasculated. In the end, what you do isn’t fair to the girl’s who would look to you to be a dom and more often then not, you end up hurting them. Grow a set, admit what you are and be proud of it. Or just go drink the stuff under the sink before you plant all kinds of wrong idea’s into a budding sub)

Applier Madness!!!

Sooo, my last post about free and dollarbie appliers was such a hit, I figured I’d throw up one for al the other appliers out there. So here is a nifty little list of appliers you can find on Marketplace for you new mesh parts. I’m posting ones that have Omega Appliers. Many of them have Slink and other body appliers of course, so feel free to browse the list if you have Slink














https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UrbanStreet-Tattoo-Skull-Scream/6537827 (Unisex Tattoo)
























The TMP Freebies and Cheapies

Soooo, my sister has the TMP body. I myself prefer the Maitreya. It takes Omega appliers, you can change it almost seamlessly (some of the parts on the TMP go wonky when you adjust the sliders, something to do with the rigging) and it’s Slink compatible.
Not to say that the TMP isn’t a very nice body, but these were the deciding factor’s for me when I went mesh body shopping.
One thing that annoys me as well is the applier HUD. TMP seeks to give it out only to exclusive makers. I like to make my own tattoo’s for myself and friends as well as clothes and other fun stuff. I sometimes throw my stuff up on MP, but mostly it’s just for my own and my loved ones enjoyment. With TMP, I can’t do that. I’m not an established designer so they won’t give me the HUD, I’ve tried.
I must say, they do make the best Males Mesh body on the market. My Dad has one and it’s really nice, but like me, he doesn’t like that they won’t give the developer set out, so if his eldest princess wants to make him a Tattoo….oh well. I have to stick to one on his face.
As I was saying, my sister bought the deluxe version which caps out around $5000L and didn’t have any money left over for clothes. So, I tossed her any TMP appliers I had that were transferable and went out looking for clothes for her! I figured I would post my finds for all you other TMP wearer’s who find yourself in the same predicament.