The Silk Road Part Three

Yeah, I haven’t been on lately, RL and all that. But I did grab the last of the Silk Road hunt gifts the other day. Well, correction, the last of the available gifts. There are some stores that aren’t ready. I highly suggest joining the hunt group, Historical Hunts, to get the list.


I did a horrible job decorating again. Here we have a temple with texture changing, a pedestal that rezzes different fire bowls when clicked and some other décor. Crappy picture, I know. The temple was huge so I had to zoom out really far to get it all.


Here’s a close up shot. You can see the fire bowl here, it’s very ornate and lovely. You also get an Urn, need somewhere to keep my dead pixel cat’s ashes. Behind me is a decorative tile. It rezzes very small but can be stretched. I am wearing the other gifts. We have this toga with the shawl, the belt and the gold arm bands. It has earrings in there too, but I wanted to show another pair of earrings that you get instead. You get this Tragedy mask which more reminds me of the Japanese demon masks, but it’s still cool. I’m not sure if you can see it, but I’m wearing some awesome ear cuffs which are another prize. All in all, some great gifts. When the other places get their stuff together, I’ll showcase those.


Makeing a great Scenery.

I love whimsical things. Thinks that glow and bring about a childlike wonder and sense of nostalgia. I love feeling as if I’m transported to another world, another time, where magic is palpable and the wishes you had as a child are possible.

That being said, I just had to run out and snag some of these hunt gifts. It’s a small hunt, with less then ten stores, but each store has multiple gifts.


First we have a moonlight fairy swing with some couples animations, so it’s perfect for you and your beau to take pictures on. Behind the swing is a fountain with a wonderful geometric shape to it.


Next is this tropical garden. The street lamp is  separate prize, but it’s one of my favorite. Behind the whole set up, is a Dutch windmill, which is another gift.

All these gifts are part of the Get To Know Us Hunt, found HERE


So I put all the other stuff away and pulled out my desk to get to work. My brand new sex desk, that is. Best part, it is free as well! From Callie’s Sex Emporium! I highly recommend joining her group. It’s free and she has a new piece of sex furniture each month as a group gift. Callie’s Sex Emporium can be found HERE

The Silk Road Part 1

I like to do hunts. The first of the month, I pull the list and pick which ones I like based on the gift list’s or just the theme in general.

This month, I wasn’t very impressed with the list and mostly just figured I’d skip it. That is, until I got a notice from a group talking about The Silk Road Hunt!

70 stops, massive amounts of prizes and best of all, FREE!

The hunt is actually not too hard, I easily found the items with the help of the hints. Here are some pictures of the gifts!


I don’t know about you guys, but I unpack by rezzing out every box I have, deleting the items from my inventory, then opening them and deleting them from the group as I unpack. Makes clean up so much easier. I just have to empty my Trash!


One of the coolest things you get is this Pantheon. It was a perfect place to showcase the furniture! As you can see, I didn’t put a lot of effort into decorating. I just really threw the stuff down, moved it around a smidge and took pictures, so, sorry for the horrible feng sui.


Even though I just threw furniture around, the pieces are no less lovely. I really liked the little fountain.


This toga with the wreath is another gift and it’s really pretty. The pile of scrolls is yet another gift and good for an RP piece or picture props. I imagined it as being all the paper work I have to do and slowly scooted my way towards the brazier. Tee Hee!


Here are some of my favorite pieces, the table, the couch, they daybed behind me, they were all beautiful. See that green out the back of the Pantheon? I’ll get back to that.


I’m wearing another one of the outfits, a mesh toga. It’s very gorgeous as is the necklace you get and the parasol I’m holding, also a gift. Can you believe all this stuff?!


I said I’d get back to it, and here it is. It’s a Vineyard! How cool is that?! Very nicely done, all one piece so no real set up, and the tub has a grape mashing animation! Oh family, I’m making up some wine!
Daddy: Did you wash your feet?
Me: Uhm….er……they’re clean!


Well, if he doesn’t want any of my wine, I’ll just have to sell it at this nifty little stall you get! It’s perfect for your rp sim, or just general décor. Or even for your pictures!! My crappy picture really doesn’t do it justice.


Here we have a really cool table set. It’s all one peace, beautiful and fit perfectly inside my little building! Incase you can’t tell, I’m holding a big ostrich feather fan, which is really pretty.

Snapshot_088 I’m wearing yet another toga you get. this one has system layers with lola applier’s and the head wreath. The jewelry is yet another gift, and it’s just lovely.


Just when you think it end’s, there is more!! It’s a roman bath!  I figured after all the unpacking, I needed to strip down and cool off. Ahhh, it felt so good.

Snapshot_090I didn’t go in completely naked, though. I did put on this ring and necklace set from the hunt. I have no idea what happened to my shoulder here. I turned my head at the last second and things just went all wonky.


After my bath, I redressed in this Yellow toga with the purple stole. I’m not sure yellow was really a color they had in ancient Rome, but I could be wrong. I do remember that vibrant colors were reserved mostly for the wealthy, as they were the only ones that could afford the dye’s, but that’s common amongst the ancient world cultures.


On top of everything else you get, you also get this undersea carriage. So, I hopped in it and went off to finish the hunt since I had only gotten about half way through.

The Hunt website is HERE. It has a list of the stores and the slurls to them,

The Ugly and the Beautiful!

One of my most favorite stores in SL is Aii, The Ugly and the Beautiful. Anytime I go, I make sure to watch myself as I am liable to spend all my money and buy everything, including stuff I don’t need and won’t ever use.

Luckily, she has lots of free stuff in her store to slake my buying lust and keep my from being guilty of hoarding.

When you first enter, at the entry panel is a free gift. It’s a female dragon avatar with skin, tattoo’s, a tail and even Lola and TMP appliers.

Then you head to the right and up towards the avatar section. In the back is a room of freebies and cheapies! Some useful, some quirky but all beautiful.



All in all, A wonderful store. I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re looking for something off the wall for you RP or just something you can’t find anywhere else, check her out. Her prices are very reasonable. I think the most expensive thing is her avi’s which are $350L. The Aii store can be found HERE

Evil Queen

On occasion, in my RP I play the Villian……

Dabunny hears her friend snort at her side.

Okay, a lot of times. What can I say? I love playing an evil character who’s out to thwart the good guys, who cackles evilly as her plans to rule the world seem to come to fruition. I like to slither my way in to the midst of the hero’s and pick them apart, make them doubt themselves and altogether attempt to destroy. I always make it a point to be friends with my counterparts OOC to better develop an interesting plot for both sides.

But enough about that. In my searches I found a gorgeous corseted gown that was perfect for one of my scenes. The best part? It was free!!!!

I found it in the store “Through the Looking Glass” which can be found HERE, along with many other stores I suggest visiting. On top of the gown I’m wearing, they had some other freebies out, all mesh items, for both sexes and no group required. Just flat out FREE!

The mask is a paste hunt gift from Diamanté, but I highly recommend going there as well because they always have beautiful group gifts like piercings, slink shoes and other just plan cool stuff. As if that wasn’t enough, they have quite a few Lucky chairs and Midnight Mania boards. You can stock up on dome cool stuff. Diamanté can be found HERE, along with the store A&A.


So The Fantasy Gacha fair is in town, and of course I had to go with my friend. I’m not a Gacha fanatic and generally don’t play unless I would like almost anything in the gacha machine.

I found this unicorn one there, also called “UniQorn” From “Culprit”. The Rideable was a rare, but the little mini walk-alongs were adorable too, and at only $50L, it was worth a shot!  Me and my friend both played. Needless to say I got the rare the first try. He got the walk-along. Tee Hee! I may have gloated a smidge.

The UniQorn can be found here at The Fantasy Gatcha. And comes in many colors for the walk-along and three for the rideable.

The Mask I’m wearing is a free gift from We ♥ RP! It comes in four different colors and can be found here.