So, the Medieval Hunt came round again. The theme? Salem!

So I hopped on my broom and went hunting. The featured image shows me wearing a dress you get with hair and a cabin.


So I went out in the front yard and decided to dig up some relatives while wearing yet another gown I got from the hunt. Pop wasn’t thrilled with being dug up, but I missed him.


I then decided to take the new writing desk I got on the hunt and change into something a bit more comfortable (also a hunt gift) and do some work. It was a bit dark, but the lantern I found on my journey gave just the perfect amount of light.


I decided to get dressed up in this gorgeous gown and wait by this lovely tree (another hunt gift) as I waited for my fellow witches to come.


They were late, so I ran inside to put on my robes, but when I came outside, I found someone had put stocks in my yard! (another hunt gift)


I quickly ran inside and hid my robes, putting on the most innocent dress I found on the hunt. I came back out to find this pyre and a table with the bobbing for apples game. Looks like my fellow witches have a sick sense of humor.

The Medieval Hunt SLurls can be found HERE

The Grave

So I spent a busy morning cleaning out a storage unit and after, while I was relaxing and unwinding, I decided to peek at the hunts going on. I saw some things from various hunts I wanted and decided to share.


First is from the Get To Know Us: Greek Creators hunt.It’s a lovely little cemetery!


Also from the Get To Know Us hunt is this gazebo! Spooky yet beautiful.


From the Best Foot Forward hunt is this shoe house! It comes with the yard and tree. For a shoe house it’s rather nice and cozy!


This Coffin from the Get To Know Us, comes with a nice spooky animation where you climb in and lay down amoungst particle bats.


From the same hunt is this large fireplace and gargoyle statue! With all the spooky decor, I needed a spooky dress! I found one at Maai, in there lucky chair!

Get To Know Us: Greek CreatorsHERE

Best Foot ForwardHERE


Historial Hunts

So I finally finished the Hunt I spoke of in previous posts HERE.

Overall, I wasn’t really impressed, but there were a few goodies I kept.


Here we have a lamp, side table, screen, chest, the dress I’m wearing, that mask and the background…er…wall… The wall confused me as I thought it was a building. Something that’s going to get deleted but proved a useful backdrop for the pictures.


Here is a table set, another dress and the necklace I’m wearing.


And still another dress. This one’s pretty neat, and I’ll keep it because of the lack of gowns like this in SL, but I don’t see much use for it. lol. I’m such a pack rat.


So last night I was up super late with the RL. He fell and smacked his head and we were afraid he had a concussion. To keep ourselves awake we were playing games, talking about child hood and shopping. On my travels trying to fight the sandman, I ran across some really cute things and figured I’d share.

Snapshot_014 Snapshot_017

First stop is LUAS. I love their store for fantasy clothes. You have to join the group to get the two group gifts and play the four Lucky boards, but the group is FREE Join! LUAS can be found HERE


So in my haze of sleeplessness, I decided to plan a dinner party for the family. Why not, right? The perfect dress was a must of course so I tried on this one I found at Crystal Clothing Co. It’s a FREE Subscriber gift. It can be found HERE


Well I decided the blue dress wasn’t appropriate for the family and the kind of guests we have over and changed. I used the Group gifts I got from D!va. This hair and dress are both part of the gifts. The hair has a color change HUD and different attachments for different looks and the Dress is just gorgeous. Both gifts require the group to get, but the group is FREE Join, so…who cares?! D!va sim is HERE

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Did you guys really think I would be able to pass up this hunt? I’ve done at least some of it, every year, ever since it came out. Generally I just run a pick up the things from my favorite stores because…well….I have enough of an inventory problem…

I’m show casing a few of the most spectacular items you get, not that all the prizes aren’t great, but I’m a bit on the sick side and having to fight my comp with my graphics cranked up isn’t something I’m keen on right now, sorry guys.


Here we have a gorgeous build, this whole stone thing is part of one prize and in my opinion, one of those weird must haves. Never know when you need ruins and these are stunning!


Here is another prize, a beautiful wooden swing with lights as well as the tattoo I’m wearing. I love this tattoo and it quickly became my main tattoo for everyday.


Yet another set of ruins. This one is more clean cut but no less imposing. Forgive the crappy picture, SL wasn’t letting me get the angle right to showcase it, my camera kept jumping. That and it’s massive size just didn’t end well.


Here we have an unclose of the temple’s interior, a spell table you get which is perfect for all you sorcerer’s and witches out there. The dress and heels are yet another gift and very pretty.

On a side note, the Hair I’m wearing is a free gift from Little Bones! If you need hair, I highly recommend them. It’s $100L to join the group, but for all that you get a new hair each month with a HUD and periodically she includes fatpacks! On top of all that, you get to pick up all the past group gifts! I mean, for $100L you can really fill your hair folder!

Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt can be found HERE and is $1L

Little Bones Mainstore can be found HERE

Applier Madness!!!

Sooo, my last post about free and dollarbie appliers was such a hit, I figured I’d throw up one for al the other appliers out there. So here is a nifty little list of appliers you can find on Marketplace for you new mesh parts. I’m posting ones that have Omega Appliers. Many of them have Slink and other body appliers of course, so feel free to browse the list if you have Slink














https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UrbanStreet-Tattoo-Skull-Scream/6537827 (Unisex Tattoo)
























The TMP Freebies and Cheapies

Soooo, my sister has the TMP body. I myself prefer the Maitreya. It takes Omega appliers, you can change it almost seamlessly (some of the parts on the TMP go wonky when you adjust the sliders, something to do with the rigging) and it’s Slink compatible.
Not to say that the TMP isn’t a very nice body, but these were the deciding factor’s for me when I went mesh body shopping.
One thing that annoys me as well is the applier HUD. TMP seeks to give it out only to exclusive makers. I like to make my own tattoo’s for myself and friends as well as clothes and other fun stuff. I sometimes throw my stuff up on MP, but mostly it’s just for my own and my loved ones enjoyment. With TMP, I can’t do that. I’m not an established designer so they won’t give me the HUD, I’ve tried.
I must say, they do make the best Males Mesh body on the market. My Dad has one and it’s really nice, but like me, he doesn’t like that they won’t give the developer set out, so if his eldest princess wants to make him a Tattoo….oh well. I have to stick to one on his face.
As I was saying, my sister bought the deluxe version which caps out around $5000L and didn’t have any money left over for clothes. So, I tossed her any TMP appliers I had that were transferable and went out looking for clothes for her! I figured I would post my finds for all you other TMP wearer’s who find yourself in the same predicament.




























On the Search!!

One thing you can never had enough of is Hair. For some reason no matter how many different hair’s I have, I never have the right ones. But why spend a fortune in hair? Most hair’s have a starting price of $250L for nice mesh ones with a shade HUD. Soooo, I have gone searching for some free ones to try and save you some of the $L.


Not only did I find hair, but I found a lovely dress with Slink High Heels included!

Hair-Sentinus Design-Group Gift-Group Free join

Dress-Liza’s Boutique– Group Gift- Group Free Join


Here is a Second hair from the same place. And, does that dress look familiar? Yup, same one in the first picture. It has an optional flowing skirt attachment which I think makes it look like a wedding dress. How lovely!

Hair- Sentinus Design-Group Gift- Group Free Join

Dress- Liza’s Boutique– Group Gift- Group Free Join


Yet another hair and this cutesy girly skirt. It’s nice, not really my style, but you might like it.

Hair-Divine Hair– Group Gift- Free Join

Skirt- Bishes Inc– Group Gift- Free Join

The Silk Road Part Three

Yeah, I haven’t been on lately, RL and all that. But I did grab the last of the Silk Road hunt gifts the other day. Well, correction, the last of the available gifts. There are some stores that aren’t ready. I highly suggest joining the hunt group, Historical Hunts, to get the list.


I did a horrible job decorating again. Here we have a temple with texture changing, a pedestal that rezzes different fire bowls when clicked and some other décor. Crappy picture, I know. The temple was huge so I had to zoom out really far to get it all.


Here’s a close up shot. You can see the fire bowl here, it’s very ornate and lovely. You also get an Urn, need somewhere to keep my dead pixel cat’s ashes. Behind me is a decorative tile. It rezzes very small but can be stretched. I am wearing the other gifts. We have this toga with the shawl, the belt and the gold arm bands. It has earrings in there too, but I wanted to show another pair of earrings that you get instead. You get this Tragedy mask which more reminds me of the Japanese demon masks, but it’s still cool. I’m not sure if you can see it, but I’m wearing some awesome ear cuffs which are another prize. All in all, some great gifts. When the other places get their stuff together, I’ll showcase those.

The Silk Road Hunt Part 2

Here I am again with more from The Silk Road. I saddled up, got on our horses and went out hunting! Alas, I didn’t get as far as I thought I would. I planned to finish. What stopped me, you ask? The Mountain Rose Sim. Holy shit! They had a “Mini hunt” going on. Thought there was nothing Mini about it! 26, yup two, six, twenty six, stops on the mini hunt. It was fun, at first. But by the time I got to stop #20, I was ready for it to be over. Now, I can appreciate a store wanting to do a mini hunt, I’m all for it and most of the time it’s really fun. But, there’s a limit! On the downside as well, most of her stuff wasn’t really nice. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few key pieces worth keeping, and everything is modifiable so, if nothing else, I can retexture some things. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I know she put a lot of effort into what she did, but overall, many of her creations could use a bit of an update as they scream 2007.

All in all, unpacking it got exhausting and there was just SOOOO much stuff I had no idea what to really do with it, so I just took a few pictures of it.


So, here we have a little mini palace. Two stories with a balcony. The Banners, Obelisk and the chariot are more hunt gifts from Mountain Rose.


Here is one of the outfits you get, also from MR, along with the fan and the chariot.


This is in the bedroom of the palace with a bed, table and chest. I’m also dressed in another of the outfits from the Mini Hunt. The bed comes with a lot of animations from cuddles to naughty.


This was actually some of the things there were amounts my favorite gifts from MR. I like the outfit, thought it doesn’t have appliers, which I think is kind of lazy for makers. Making appliers with the omega kit is so damn easy it could be a crime. you just copy and paste the texture ID from the clothing item into the omega script and done. takes two seconds. But the outfit is pretty, I like the flowing skirt. The table with the food is nice as well, as is the chaise that’s hidden behind me. It has cuddle animations in it, too, which is a plus.


These gift’s aren’t from MR. I got a little chapel, which is nice. I’m not religious, but it’s a very nice little chapel with some period artwork, which I do love. The shield, seat and dress are all gifts as well and very lovely.


Here is another small set off gifts, the seating area is one gift, the gold chair is another, the pile of pillows is yet another and the gown I’m wearing is YET another gift. Oops, almost forgot the rug on the ground. Hehe.

Well, that’s it for the Silk Road Hunt for today. Whew. I’m exhausted from it.

Once Again, the Hunt blog with all the store SLURLS is HERE