A Mad Pea?

So it was the R/L’s b-day friday and to make it extra special, we made it a weekend thing. (he hasn’t had a lot of nice b-days because his family is a bunch of jerks.) So me and my sissy threw him a party, decorated the house, got him gifts and just otherwise sought to do stuff that was fun. One of those things, was a MadPea Hunt. If you’ve never done one before, they’re really neat. It’s a HUD based hunt with a story line. In this one, you’re the benefactor of your deceased grandfather’s estate, but that estate (and your inheritance) comes with a mystery that took place over 100 years ago, when a woman sought revenge on her lover after he used her while he was planning an engagement to a more elite bride. You hop around the grid gathering the pieces of the puzzle.

All in all, the story was really good and the HUD wasn’t too hard to use. The downside? Some of the clues were obscure and made it very difficult. The starting point was also REALLY laggy. I derendered everyone there just to be able to get through it. Some things used to fill the town didn’t need to be mesh and would have cut back on lag if they were just simple prim.

Another Downside? The hunt cost money. To do the basic story, without prizes, is 100L. To get prizes, you spend 300L for the silver pack and 800L for the gold pack which comes with the silver and the gold prizes. We went for broke and did the gold. I know this sounds like a lot of money, but for everything you get, you’d easily spend 10,000L, so it is worth it. I’ll showcase the silver prizes first, then the gold ones.

The Silver Prizes:


First we have an antique case, a harp, a statue, a boars head trophy. As well as the jacket I’m wearing, and the tongue press in my mouth. I didn’t get a very good picture of it, but it is cool looking.


Next we have this piano. It comes with the rug, which is resizable and a candle, which my big head is blocking and I didn’t realize until I went to crop the pick. Damn.


You also get this cute little boat! If you put it in water, you can actually control it and it’s got tons of poses for multiple people! Row Row Row Your Boat!

B/F snorts and rolls his eyes.

Me: Oh hush!

B/F arches eye brow.

Me: oops. hehe! Annnywaaaaay, Not depicted are a tattoo and a sign. I didn’t care for the tattoo, it is nice, just didn’t care for it and the sign I had trouble getting it to show right. I think it’s supposed to light up, I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’m getting the B/F to tinker with it and find the script since he’s a builder and scripter. If and when he does, I’ll update.

Now onto the Gold Prizes!!!


Here we see an plate display case, a mini organ, a fire hydrant table that comes in three colors, a gramophone, a table and chair set, and a pedestal displaying an egg.


Here is a creepy mannequin. It’s not overly large or small, it goes about to my ribs and is a nice touch for any room that needs clutter.


We also have this library seat and table set. It comes with two different versions. The regular one and the more cluttered one with some of the quest items on it. It’s really cool and totally going in the library.


We have here, another boat! And yes, you can use this one in the water, too. And since I didn’t touch on it, I’m wearing some of the gifts. The mask, the dress and the arm tattoo are all part of it!


And last, but not least, this boat house! It’s really a cool build and I can’t wait to put it out! i love it!

The only thing not depicted here was a cord necklace. Well, I wore it, but forgot the mask covered it up until editing. Tee Hee. Sorry. i was eager for the B/F to get home and I was rushing.

The MadPea Hunt can be found HERE for info and HERE for the starting point.


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