Manchild much?

So my sister was used and abused by this total douche bag manchild and when he came crawling back, she let him, why? to fuck with him. To do shit like, let him have his breedables on her land, then ban him from the land. Can’t say I wouldn’t. Never liked the guy since I met him, he was, as I said, A douche. His last little stunt pissed me off, though, because, it’s my sister, I may not always agree with her, but I love her.

Here’s an offline message he left her:

jεʀנᴄʜo ʟuριηđσ (jericho.lupindo): (Saved Wed Aug 5 14:28 2015) you better come up with the 25l to departner me you ugly stupid bitch. you think i could ever actually love you. i got someone new and i dont need ya around anymore but dont worry ill leave you these stupid cats. can remember me with them. tc and all that shit.

And my little love letter to him:

Dear dumbass,
The only reason my sister was ever partnered to you was to fuck with you. And Ugly stupid bitch, really? Are you five? Oh wait, yes you are, and living in your moms basement. Apparently being english means you also lack manners, so let me school you little boy, my sister is a greater woman then you could ever hope for and didn’t want shit to do with you. The only reason she even paid the 25L to unpartner you is because your name tainted her box and she was going to do it anyway, since she’s been fucking everyone else behind your back. Your cats are shit, too. Stop acting like you’re hot shit, when you’re cold vomit and begin drinking the stuff under the sink to rectify yourself of all your short comings. I forsee it as the only way to help. Your childish little bitch rant just proved what a little boy you are. Go back to your moms tit, since obviously your balls haven’t dropped yet and leave my sister alone. Let’s face it, your little bitch rant was just because you couldn’t handle a real woman anyway 😛
Just fucking betterthen you.

Just figured I’d share since this douche likes to get his digital dick wet in every pussy he can find. Keep awaaaay, keep awaaaay, keep awaaaay.


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