You’re so special, they gave you your own bus.

So some douche found me in a kink group I’m in. Never talked to him before but he suddenly decided he was my Dom, despite me having in my profile and my Autoresponse to non-friends that I am collar and NO ONE else is allowed to try and dom me.

Here’s how it went. BTW, he had the fucking ugliest avatar I had ever seen. Seriously, it must have been from SL Beta.

Nicolas Bellman: hi
Me: herro
Nicolas Bellman: You been staying out of trouble?
Me: ???
Me: do I know you?
Nicolas Bellman: im just jokin around
Me: ahhhh
Me: wasn’t sure if we’d talked before cause all my logs got deleted (Had some computer issues so all the logs saved to my drive went buh-bye.)
Nicolas Bellman: If you didn’t behave you’d get spanked (Uhm, what?!)
Me: uhm, ok. that’s something you’d be taking up with my Dom. only he’s allowed to punish me
Nicolas BellmanNicolas Bellman slaps your ass
DaBunny punches you in the face
Nicolas Bellman: lol dumb cunt (I’m a dumb cunt because I have told you, very nicely, that you are not to touch me. This was also something in my autoresponse? Totally makes sense)
Me: arrogant ugly fuck face
Nicolas Bellman: lol youre stupid (You’re*)
Me: and you’re a degenerate phallatic libido control device (I called him a dildo)
Nicolas Bellman: ugly cunt
Me: n00b (Very true)

Didn’t get a response from him after that. Just another one of those entitled douche’s that thinks just because he say’s he’s a dom, any sub is his. His profile pretty much says it all


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