So, yeah, I’ve been super busy getting all the RL stuff sorted with the b/f. I did have time to go to the Aloha Fair, though. I, of course, picked up most of the gifts! Some really great stuff, there.


First we have this top, the pants, the sun glasses and the Feet Tattoo’s!


Next is this super cute swimsuit with these rocken’ boots. Doesn’t really go together, but meh, I liked how it looked. Cute and ready to kick ASS!


One of my favorite things. I love the hanky dresses. I don’t get to wear them IRL, cause my breast are so big, but I’ll wear them in SL! I feel pretty! oh so Pretty!


A little romper with a cute pattern. It’s fitmesh, so just one thing in the folder!


This is a mesh one piece suit. Really cute and it seems kind of vintage to me, like something my grandmother wore back in the day. I love all her old clothes, such cuteness.


Here’s a jumpsuit that’s really nice. It comes in the pink I’m wearing here and a turquoise.


In love with these pants. The jacket is a nice touch too, but I’m drooling over the pants.


And a break from clothes, you get this cute décor pillow! It resizes easily so it can be for your bed, couch, chair, or pillow pile!


We have this top, too. It come in many different colors and patterns. It doesn’t have a color change hud, which does mean there are ALOT of shirts in the folder, but deleting the sizes you will never use is easy. I take out all the xs,s, and m’s.


And then there’s this wet t-shirt outfit. Appliers for belleza, maitreya and the TMP

All these gifts are free or $1L! So head on down to the Aloha Fair HERE!


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