Too Funny!

So me and the family are sitting in my sister’s back yard around a fire pit, talking, cuddling, laughing, etc. Some guy messages me. As I’ve said before, this isn’t uncommon. I have an Auto Response to non-friends set up to say something along the lines of “No ao, empty profiles and 400 day old n00b looking people will be ignored.” This is mostly for the drive by loggers. People who keep their avatar as basic looking as possible and log in just to bash the M key and beg for teh smex.

The guy I speak of was one such person. A four month old account, which I can let some stuff slid at the young, but an empty profile isn’t one of them. He had literally one line in his profile that pertained to sex and all his groups hidden. He knew to hide his groups but not to fill out his profile? Yeaaah. Well he messaged me, not once, not twice, but three times. Now, each message I immediately exited. So each time he messaged me, he got my auto response. You’d think he would get the hint. Apparently not.

Me and the Family are all one voice, laughing, cutting up and being silly, when I get annoyed and say something like, “Really fucker? Take the hint!” Dad immediately perks up.

“What’s wrong, sweety?”

“This dude has gotten my auto three times and is still trying to talk to me. Is he stupid?” I take the convo and post it in family chat. My family starts with the, “Seriously, wtf is he thinking he’s gonna get.” Dad laughs and I hear his keyboard. Oops, I forgot to take his name out. He’s messaging the guy. He’s not really cool with his daughter’s being harassed. He then posts the convo in family chat and we all break out in stiches. I think my youngest sister peed herself.

Dad: hey
Dad: how are you
xxBLACKDARKxx: fine
Dad: good to hear
Dad: why are you harassing my daughter?
Dad: XD
xxBLACKDARKxx: what is her name ? (He must be mass spamming tons of girls if he has to ask this.
Dad: her name is: if you get an auto-response people probably don’t want to talk right now. that and your empty profile just doesn’t make people want to talk to you in general. XD
xxBLACKDARKxx: aha
Dad: I will take that as you understand and we are now on the same page
Dad): and I will let you have a nice night and go back about your business
Dad: have a good one
xxBLACKDARKxx: any way i was looking for my sis
Dad: anyway, you didn’t find her
 xxBLACKDARKxx: maybe
xxBLACKDARKxx: 😉 (At this point we hear dad say; “Seriously, fucker?!” I tend to agree. Three auto responses and my dad saying to fuck off and you still can’t take the hint? WooooooW)
Dad: our whole family is laughing at you
Dad: so I don’t think so
Dad: but you keep pressing at an auto response
Dad: maybe the server will want you (I thought my sister was going to die at this. She had to cut her mic off for a good couple minutes.)
xxBLACKDARKxx: i don’t care
xxBLACKDARKxx: bye bye 😛 (hence why you keep talking to auto response windows and never real people.)
Dad: toodles. pity you like to interact with empty IM windows, maybe you should upgrade to licking glass.

By the end of it, we were all rolling and Dad was going, “Don’t fuck with my baby’s!” I could seriously hear my one sister pounding on some surface with her hand in RL and I had to jump up and run to the bathroom before I wet myself.


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