Another Fake Dom!

Still another one! I swear they’re a dime a dozen but this one is different from the typical “Supah Matash! Bow Down Fuckah!” guys that you typically find. He likes to post in group a long list of criteria for his sub which include being monogamous, liking video games and staying on Skype with him for looooong hours. Oh, and let’s not forget being unquestionably submissive to him. This was all read to me by my Dad while we were shooting Zombies. Needless to say we all found a safe place and sat to listen while Dad ripped him a new asshole. Dad’s into BDSM too. Here’s what the guy posts;
Cory Lemton: Hey everyone. I’m currently looking for a submissive woman/babygirl that has an interest in computer games (Kindof like Guild Wars 2, DayZ, 7 Days to Die, Rust, Aion and so on). I am looking for someone who is mature and serious about the D/S lifestyle. Someone who uses skype often (Don’t worry, not cam :P) and isn’t afraid of voice or awkward about it. I am a patient, devoted and loving person and hope to find the same. I am a one partner kindof guy, and expect the same of my submissive. What I want is someone to talk to on skype for long hours and get to know as much as someone can about them over the internet. I want someone I can play games with. Spend long hours with and build a strong bond with on more than just a sexual level. So if you’re out there, please feel free to send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you :).

So we sit there listening Daddy read out what he posts in one of the groups this dude spams and laughing, because, well, Dad’s right and everyone is cheering him on.  When he’s done, I pull up the guy’s profile out of curiosity. Here’s what I find.

Main Profile:

Just on here to talk to friends. Roleplay occasionally and search for a gamer submissive to chat with. (Because one totally has to do with the other. WTF is this? Check D/S picks if you’re curious. I’m also quite nice, so feel free to IM ^^.
Games i’m currently playing: Guild Wars 2. DayZ, Warframe, Minecraft, and Aion.
I like quite a few games :P..
And this:

Pick 1, What I look for in a Submissive:

As a disclaimer. Since alot of people lack  the common sense to realise this. Unless I am approaching you about your submission, please do not presume that a section of my profile is asking you if you’re interested in this. (Yet you’re going to spam every fucking group out there and post in the main part of your profile how you’re looking for a g/f? Ooooookay.)

When I am looking for a submissive the most important thing  I am looking for is a PC gamer girl. (Again, wtf does this have to do with being a submissive?)
I want someone who is willing to use skype and chat for long hours.

I’m looking for someone loving and compassionate.
Someone who tries to understand rather than being stubborn in her ways. (Because instead of doing the actual work all other Dom’s do to teach and nurture a Submissive, he want’s everything handed to him. FAKE)
I want someone who doesn’t fight and argue alot.
Someone sweet and willing to trust that I will acknowledge her feelings and do my best to make sure she’s happy.(Instead of EARNING a sub’s trust you expect it handed to you. Any BDSM or D/S relationship is built on mutual trust that takes time to cultivate. Short cut’s lead to people getting hurt.)
Someone who I can talk for hours with over skype.
I need someone whom I can take care of, protect, nurture, and love.
Someone I can play videogames with and get to know on an intellectual  level.
Someone I can spend alot of my time getting to know.
I want someone who enjoys MMO’s and games in general.
Continued in part 2.

Pick 2, What I look for in a Submissive, Continued;

Someone who will not say they are a submissive. Then they say “I only submit under these unique circumstances”. (Let me be clear, every submissive has unique circumstances under which they will submit. What are those? TRUST! I do not submit to someone I don’t know or trust and only under certain circumstances do I engage in particular kinks, which also require, you guessed it, TRUST. Stop acting like all subs out there are put on earth for your personal pleasure you little twat.)

While I get why this is said, it is not at all attractive to me. That is a weekend submissive. Someone who dips in and out of submission whenever it is convenient. I am looking for a true submissive. When using the words “I am a submissive”, please make sure that is a quality that is infact your personality. And not something you occasionally do. (I would remind you that when using the words “I am a Dominant.” Make sure you actually are and know what being a sub and a dom actually entails instead of, once again, using people as your personal service workers.)

If you have an interest in myself and you want to earn my attention. That is best done by showing me your submission. I do not take kindly to someone coming before me and being stuck in their ways and refusing to show me what I am investing my time into. (Once again, this goes back to not wanting to do work. Excuse me, but I don’t EARN your attention, dear. YOU. EARN. MY. SUBMISION. Calling yourself a DOM does not mean you are entitled to the service of every sub that comes your way. Sub’s are not robots you can program to do your will. They are people and when first entering into a relationship with a DOM, they misbehave and test the water’s to ensure their dom of choice is actually going to do his job and help her grow as a Sub. If you can’t handle this, you are more then welcome to go get a blow up doll and stick a collar on it, they generally don’t fight back.)

Another strange thing I keep coming across is while some girls claim to be submissives. One thing they forget how to do is to first be a decent human being. If you’re a nasty person and you’re rude to people, chances are you won’t win in my book. Please make sure you’re a good person first and foremost. (No, dear. What you come across are ACTUAL sub’s who aren’t inclined to take your bullshit. Being a Sub does not mean you are a meek doormat. Sorry real women are too much for you to handle.)

Pick 3, My Dominant Side:

I am a compassionate yet stern dominant. I am devoted, understanding and loving. I love to spend hours and hours with my submissive. Getting to know her completely.
I aspire to be a patient man. I am completely devoted to my submissive.
I am her sword and shield. (You are a fake, dear. PERIOD)

Pick 4, The Naughty Bits:

I have plenty of them. BDSM being the most prevalent one of them all. I am quite a bit of a freak in bed. I don’t mind things being switched up for the sake of kink.
I do have quite the oral fetish. I do love a good little cock sucker. Especially one who is desperate and isn’t afraid to talk dirty while doing it. (Now this I want to see. In my experience, I can either give you oral, or I can dirty talk, I have never been talented enough to do both at the same time. Can this ideal girl you speak of also drink water and ‘sing row row row your boat’ at the same time?)

Pick 5, The Naughty Bits 2:

The largest among my list of fetishes would have to be monster girls. (Wait…what?)
I have a huge fetish for monster girls (Succubi mostly)  that enjoy feeding on a mans sperm in a special way. This creature or demoness, or succubus uses her powers of telepathy and mind control (Hypnosis or what have you) to turn the mans mind into mush. Bending his will and turning him into a willing mind slave. (Woah woah woah. Didn’t you just say you were a Dom? Now you’re talking about how your biggest fetish is having your mind turned to mush and being made into a slave? What the Actual Fuck?)

This creature feeds on the mans sperm. She uses a special long thin tongue (A probiscis of sorts) to penetrate deep down inside of the head of a mans cock and right down to his balls where she proceeds to suck his cum up through her tongue like a straw and proceeds to drink him dry. Sucking up the sperm and the souls within.
The succubus would then proceed to inflate his balls with magic to provide her with a far more sufficient meal. (Ahhhh, now it all makes sense. The reason you can’t understand how to or actually be a proper Dom is that you’re a closet Sub. Don’t get me wrong, they’re is nothing wrong with being a male sub, or any sub. But just fucking admit it and accept it. Don’t hide behind some false sense of power just because you lack confidence and admitting you’re actually a sub makes you feel emasculated. In the end, what you do isn’t fair to the girl’s who would look to you to be a dom and more often then not, you end up hurting them. Grow a set, admit what you are and be proud of it. Or just go drink the stuff under the sink before you plant all kinds of wrong idea’s into a budding sub)


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