The TMP Freebies and Cheapies

Soooo, my sister has the TMP body. I myself prefer the Maitreya. It takes Omega appliers, you can change it almost seamlessly (some of the parts on the TMP go wonky when you adjust the sliders, something to do with the rigging) and it’s Slink compatible.
Not to say that the TMP isn’t a very nice body, but these were the deciding factor’s for me when I went mesh body shopping.
One thing that annoys me as well is the applier HUD. TMP seeks to give it out only to exclusive makers. I like to make my own tattoo’s for myself and friends as well as clothes and other fun stuff. I sometimes throw my stuff up on MP, but mostly it’s just for my own and my loved ones enjoyment. With TMP, I can’t do that. I’m not an established designer so they won’t give me the HUD, I’ve tried.
I must say, they do make the best Males Mesh body on the market. My Dad has one and it’s really nice, but like me, he doesn’t like that they won’t give the developer set out, so if his eldest princess wants to make him a Tattoo….oh well. I have to stick to one on his face.
As I was saying, my sister bought the deluxe version which caps out around $5000L and didn’t have any money left over for clothes. So, I tossed her any TMP appliers I had that were transferable and went out looking for clothes for her! I figured I would post my finds for all you other TMP wearer’s who find yourself in the same predicament.




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