On the Search!!

One thing you can never had enough of is Hair. For some reason no matter how many different hair’s I have, I never have the right ones. But why spend a fortune in hair? Most hair’s have a starting price of $250L for nice mesh ones with a shade HUD. Soooo, I have gone searching for some free ones to try and save you some of the $L.


Not only did I find hair, but I found a lovely dress with Slink High Heels included!

Hair-Sentinus Design-Group Gift-Group Free join

Dress-Liza’s Boutique– Group Gift- Group Free Join


Here is a Second hair from the same place. And, does that dress look familiar? Yup, same one in the first picture. It has an optional flowing skirt attachment which I think makes it look like a wedding dress. How lovely!

Hair- Sentinus Design-Group Gift- Group Free Join

Dress- Liza’s Boutique– Group Gift- Group Free Join


Yet another hair and this cutesy girly skirt. It’s nice, not really my style, but you might like it.

Hair-Divine Hair– Group Gift- Free Join

Skirt- Bishes Inc– Group Gift- Free Join


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