The Silk Road Part Three

Yeah, I haven’t been on lately, RL and all that. But I did grab the last of the Silk Road hunt gifts the other day. Well, correction, the last of the available gifts. There are some stores that aren’t ready. I highly suggest joining the hunt group, Historical Hunts, to get the list.


I did a horrible job decorating again. Here we have a temple with texture changing, a pedestal that rezzes different fire bowls when clicked and some other décor. Crappy picture, I know. The temple was huge so I had to zoom out really far to get it all.


Here’s a close up shot. You can see the fire bowl here, it’s very ornate and lovely. You also get an Urn, need somewhere to keep my dead pixel cat’s ashes. Behind me is a decorative tile. It rezzes very small but can be stretched. I am wearing the other gifts. We have this toga with the shawl, the belt and the gold arm bands. It has earrings in there too, but I wanted to show another pair of earrings that you get instead. You get this Tragedy mask which more reminds me of the Japanese demon masks, but it’s still cool. I’m not sure if you can see it, but I’m wearing some awesome ear cuffs which are another prize. All in all, some great gifts. When the other places get their stuff together, I’ll showcase those.


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