Asshole’s galore!!!

So, I was sitting there, enjoying some detailed and well thought out roleplay, hard to come by in some places, when the We ♥ RP group pops open and this post shows up.
Valor Childs:
Candy Cerveau: O.o
Adara Cascarino: No blogposts in this group please, thank you. There are other groups out there where you can support your blog.
MifflanPlanox Resident: i only support random hugs
Valor Childs: I posted a picture of items sold at your faire just like I’ve seen done here many times.
Valor Childs: IF you don’t want hits, tags and plug I don’t have to blog your event.
Nott Starflare: -.-
ThomasDeCant Resident: Lord.. lol
 mia Sorrelwood: they have official bloggers, and the event is so well known that they don’t need bloggers, we love rp is a name on it’s own
Aikea RiekoAikea Rieko gives everyone a piece of cheesecake. “Ssssh.” ❤

Now, I’m really not one to sit here and dis other people’s blogs, but this was just bullshit. The group doesn’t allow blog post’s because let’s face it, if they did, every five seconds there would be a post of someone show casing things they got from the monthly event. It’s a good rule and one I can fully understand and have no problem abiding by. Apparently Mr. Valor disagrees. Apparently his exalted blog is so good that if he boycotts the even, they’ll go broke and shut down.

Snoooort! Not bloody Likely. Nothing pisses me off more then a sense of entitlement. You’re not above the rules the rest of us peons have to follow just because you want to throw a tantrum. Another blocked prick. \o/-yaaay and stuff.


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