Makeing a great Scenery.

I love whimsical things. Thinks that glow and bring about a childlike wonder and sense of nostalgia. I love feeling as if I’m transported to another world, another time, where magic is palpable and the wishes you had as a child are possible.

That being said, I just had to run out and snag some of these hunt gifts. It’s a small hunt, with less then ten stores, but each store has multiple gifts.


First we have a moonlight fairy swing with some couples animations, so it’s perfect for you and your beau to take pictures on. Behind the swing is a fountain with a wonderful geometric shape to it.


Next is this tropical garden. The street lamp is  separate prize, but it’s one of my favorite. Behind the whole set up, is a Dutch windmill, which is another gift.

All these gifts are part of the Get To Know Us Hunt, found HERE


So I put all the other stuff away and pulled out my desk to get to work. My brand new sex desk, that is. Best part, it is free as well! From Callie’s Sex Emporium! I highly recommend joining her group. It’s free and she has a new piece of sex furniture each month as a group gift. Callie’s Sex Emporium can be found HERE


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