RP DON’T ‘S!!!

One think I love doing in SL, is Roleplaying. I love playing a part, weaving a story and even, getting naughty. One thing I have seen a massive amount of, though, is piss poor rper’s. People who are lazy, who godmod, who poseball. Sadly, most of it is you men.
The guy above is one such person. I’m not sure if you can see it, but he was walking around with his cock hanging out. Guys, unless you’re taking your pants off to fuck, we don’t want to see your god damn dick, nude beaches being the excluson, of course, and even then, don’t walk around with a damn erection. This is a huge turn off for us. to us, it just screams that you’re lazy, too stupid to figure out your cock HUD, can’t give us decent RP and probably going to be a poseballer. For those who don’t know, A Poseballer is someone who hops on poseballs and THAT’S IT! No RP, no nothing. If you get anything from them, it’s “Mmmmmmm hawt bebe. yesssssss. that’s it. Mmmmmmmm! fuck fuck fuck! oh oh oh!” This is not a turn on. Most you get from us is a fake crash or us just hopping up and leaving.
This is the “Post” I got from the guy in the picture here.
Befok: looking behind him as he enters the dank dinner … looking to the blond seated he nods.. “hey baby” before taking a seat

Over all, it’s not too bad, but I wasn’t impressed. First of all, no punctuation or capitalization of his letters and he didn’t use the /me command. I’m not a stickler for the /me command as much as some are, but if you don’t use it, you have to be able to compensate with something to really make me ignore this. One of my best friend’s doesn’t use it, but she can make such awesome post’s that even hardcore Para RPer’s don’t mind.
Needless to say, this was not something that caught my eye. Something like this, would have;
/me enters the dank diner, giving a glance behind him as the door swings closed to ensure he’s clear of it in the small space. He walks towards the counter, his eye’s going to the blonde woman sitting there. As he stand’s near her, he nods to her. “Hey, there,” he says before taking a seat at the counter and leaning forward, his forearms resting on the grungy surface.

I did that half-assed, but it would still be something that said he knew how to RP, could pay attention to detail and I wouldn’t spend most of the time trying to figure out what he was trying to say through the run-on sentences. Here’s what his post actually said to me.

Befok: looking behind him for no apparent reason as he enters the dank dinner with his cock hanging out since he can’t figure out his zipper… using lots of dots cuz a single period is too hard, looking to the blond seated he nods.. “hey baby” because some strange girl he just met is suddenly his baby since he can’t come up with a decent pick up line, before taking a seat and forgetting yet another period because he’s too busy playing with his dick IRL.

Yeah, it’s not attractive. There is no shame in taking some basic RP classes. They’re all over SL. I’m a writer IRL, so RP was not a hard thing for me to get in to, though when I first started, I spent most of my time just sitting quietly in a corner and observing. I encourage this kind of thing in budding RPer’s. The people your watching will most likely try and include you, RP with them if you want or just say OOC, use the double brackets, ((Sorry, I’m just sitting here watching. Don’t mind me. Just exploring SL RP)). They won’t mind. You may even get a few pointer’s!

GodModding is another common thing in SL RP. In the words of a good friend of mine;
“Restraint: Learn the meaning, ya walnut.

I reserve the right to be completely unimpressed with your flawless demi god. Seriously, there’s five more people just like you within slapping distance.

You’re not unique or special when ‘overpowered dickweed’ is the most commonly chosen player character.

Write a good story, not a power fantasy self-insert.”

At no point in RP can you dictate the other person’s actions, reactions, feelings, emotions, etc.
Here is an example of godmodding;

XxXx smiles softly with a nod as he takes the pipe back and watches. The sickly sweet smoke rolled through her body with ease, and at first it was just a buzz….but slowly, pressure began to build….it started in her chest, a slow build up of an indescribable sensation, before finally, it exploded like a nuclear bomb. Pleasure rolled through her body, arcing through every nerve she had, and hitting her with the force of ten incredibly powerful orgasms al at once, like a tidal wave of pleasure slamming into her.

Uhm…what? At this point, we stop responding. You don’t need us anyway, you type everything out yourself. We’re not needed and we’re bored. You’re not in our body, you’re not in our head. You don’t know what reaction’s we may have, and saying you do just annoys us. Here’s my correction;
XxXx smiles softly with a nod as he takes the pipe back and watches her. The sickly sweet smoke fills the space between him as his eyes linger on her’s watching for the effect’s of the drug. His gaze searches for the dilation of the pupils, the flushing of the skin and the inevitable ecstasy of the potent substance. His finger’s skim along the ivory of the pipe as he watches for these things, waiting for the drug to take effect as he leans back in his chair.

Once again, it was half assed, but no godmodding. I talked about the overall effects of the drug, but never said the person was experiencing said effects, only that they more than likely would eventually. Given that some ‘races’ may be immune, the person I’m RPing with can now respond with “No, they’re not effected” or “Yes, I feel it”. Not in those exact words. A good response in the negative would be;

/me exhales, feeling the smoke trail out of her nose and mouth, polluting the air. She can taste the smoke on her tongue as she leans back against the cushions and watches him in turn, her grey eye’s holding a mischevious air. She know’s he expects her to writhe on the ground in pleasure from the drug, but the substance passes through her unaffected system quickly as she lies there.

Still half assed, but you get the point. All in all, put some damn effort into it. If no one ever wants to Roleplay with you, there’s probably a reason.

One of my friends made the 10 RP Comandment’s, figured I’d post them here for information and to give other’s a good laugh.

1. Thou shalt not refer to thy Character in first person

2. Thou shalt not Powergame, metgame, Godmod, or create OOC drama.

3. Thou shalt not post without using the /me command.

4. Thou shalt wait thy turn in posting order to post again.

5. Thou shalt use appropriate grammar, punctuation, and quotations when In Character speaking.

6. Thou shalt honor the wholestic roleplay story and not simply change it from day to day.

7. Thou shalt not become an expert on a character because thou hath readeth thy profile

8. Thou shalt IM a player to reconcile a RP disagreement before contacting a mod/GM.

9. Thou shalt make attempts at actions in a RP fight and not assume their actions are successful.

10. Thou shalt have patience when posting and use detail, descriptions, and not abuse OOC chat brackets.


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