One thing I love in SL is fighting Zombies. It’s relaxing and fun. I also love how the Grim system Zombies Spray blood like a fountain. Strictly speaking, I prefer the Grim system to other set up’s, just because it allows for more options. I know we all don’t like blowing the heads of zombies, but the ones who do are always on the hunt for a good sim to do it. Being an avid SL explorer, I figured I’d impart some of my travels.

My main Zombie sim WAS The Walking Dead Sim. A really cool sim set up the The Walking Dead show. However, it closed! No reason, no notice, just poof! Gone! Makes me so sad.

Another Sim I visited was the CHAOS City Sim. Overall, I wasn’t impressed. It was small, filled with bots the had the chaos system hud on and besides just sitting and shooting the same 10 dudes over and over again, there wasn’t anything else to do.

Next one is Urban Zombie. Again, wasn’t impressed. You drop in an are IMMEDIATLY harassed to join a group get a system, do this, do that, stand on one foot and spin in a circle! I mean, for all I know, it could be a very nice place, but getting bombarded at the landing point isn’t my idea of welcoming. You have to join the group or you get booted and you have to use the UCZ system, which I’m not very familiar with and don’t really care for. I mean, it could be a nice system, but I never seem to figure it out right.

Valon’s Assault is another one. Over all, it has a very nice layout, however, something there is causing CRAZY lag. To the point where neither I, nor my B/F, who has a really nice comp mind you, couldn’t even MOVE! That’s about as far as we got checking it out.

Next is Fantasy World. This is by far one of the worst ones. The zombie rezzer’s are set to basically be sim fillers, which causes crazy lag along with all the massively scripted shit that has been set out. They have the Quest bot’s set out, but between the clusterfuck of prim bodies and the very poor set up, most quests are impossible to do without cheating. If that wasn’t bad enough, a woman comes on the sim, claiming she’s an admin (I checked, she’s not) and screeches at people on voice, which equals, even more lag. I’m not sure who she is, if she’s the owner’s friend and just has a power complex because of it, or what.
The layout is poor. Very poor. A series of skyboxes (which is fine) but you are liable to get trapped under the ground at any moment and be forced to TP home or use flight override and float up to get out.
On top of all this, it appears as though every building that’s been laid out besides the Grim one’s is from 2000. Ugly, cheap and just a general eye sore.

Next is…and I can’t believe I’m saying this.. MysticDreams/Mormon Zombie Porn Extravaganza.
All in all, it’s not bad. The buildings are a bit cheap in some places, there are no quests and some of the rezzer’s are set to throw out a bit too many at once. It’s also insanely laggy and the staff run’s around on a power trip. God forbid you pause your hud for an emergency. If you do you get banned.

Walking Dead: Z-Island is next. I have mived feelings about this one. It is a GORGEOUS set up. But the Zombie rezzer’s are set to spew out a serious cluster fuck! Luckily, there are a multitude of safe zones through out so it kind of even’s out. No quests though, so you really just sit and shoot, but if you’re looking for a place to start an RP, this would be it. It really is beautiful.

The last but not least, is my favorite so far. Zombie Land 2.0
Overall, the set up is pretty nice. The zombie rezzer’s are set decently so you don’t get mobbed in .347 seconds but you don’t sit and wait five minutes for the next one the rez either. There are quests and they’re not too hard but not too easy either. There are also plenty of safe zones or places the zombies can’t access if you need a pee break or want to do an RP. Lag sometimes snag’s you, but when you get enough of the sim in your cache, it’s not a problem. Overall, it’s my favorite.

That concludes my reviews! I left some places out that really weren’t worth mentioning, mostly because they just didn’t have enough traffic to show up as a blip on the radar and the Grim Run places, because, those are easy to find and the first stop for new zombie hunter’s anyway!


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