Midnight Mania!

One thing I love in SL is Midnight Mania’s. You slap a board and get free stuff, how awesome is that? M/M boards have given me everything from car’s, houses, clothes, accessories, shoes, skin’s, shapes and a whole host of everything in between. Here are a few nice M/M’s I’ve found today!


First up in a cave, yup a cave. Good for your land or sim if you need that rustic touch. It comes with many options, rain, a swing and some other things I can’t remember. Lol. It doesn’t require a group and can be found HERE


Next is some makeup, very subtle, very pretty. Low number so it’s easy to reach, you can just spam some groups. Free for all, no group needed and found HERE



Last is an outfit with appliers and lots of Lucky chairs and group gifts. Group is free to join and the M/M doesn’t need a group at all. It all can be found HERE


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