The Ugly and the Beautiful!

One of my most favorite stores in SL is Aii, The Ugly and the Beautiful. Anytime I go, I make sure to watch myself as I am liable to spend all my money and buy everything, including stuff I don’t need and won’t ever use.

Luckily, she has lots of free stuff in her store to slake my buying lust and keep my from being guilty of hoarding.

When you first enter, at the entry panel is a free gift. It’s a female dragon avatar with skin, tattoo’s, a tail and even Lola and TMP appliers.

Then you head to the right and up towards the avatar section. In the back is a room of freebies and cheapies! Some useful, some quirky but all beautiful.



All in all, A wonderful store. I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re looking for something off the wall for you RP or just something you can’t find anywhere else, check her out. Her prices are very reasonable. I think the most expensive thing is her avi’s which are $350L. The Aii store can be found HERE


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