Yet another Loser.

I like to go to Urban sims to hang out while I piddle in my inventory or blog, doesn’t mean I want to bump uglies with the local “ghetto”. But, of course, you get the entitled twats who think just because you sport a rack it means you want to fuck them. Makes Sense, right?

Here’s what I got today from the lovely “Gentleman” in the photo above. First of all, wtf is with the cock? Talk about compensating!

[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): hi bb
[2015/05/27 13:12] Me: bb?
[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): yeah
[2015/05/27 13:12] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): why not
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: wtf is bb?
[2015/05/27 13:13] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): baby
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: last I checked I wasn’t your ‘baby’
[2015/05/27 13:13] Me: and you seem to have been mugged
[2015/05/27 13:13] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): then ur in the wrong fucking place
[2015/05/27 13:14] Me: I’m in the wrong place because I don’t want some n00b loser to call me Baby?
[2015/05/27 13:14] 乃 ノ乙є尺к ρєtℜo丂ץαи (bizerk): noob? lmao u fat whore (Not the first time I’ve been called this and it won’t be the last. Somehow because I don’t feel like fucking him/ them, I’m fat. Makes Sense.)
[2015/05/27 13:14] Me: whats with the cock? compensating for your RL needle dick?

I then dropped him my favorite Note Card that I frequently pass around and hand out to people I know to pass around as well, entitled “Guys, Not getting Enough Pussy?” Which talks about n00bs, oversized body parts being a turn off, freebie ugly cocks (I think he had an On Duty.) And just why all he can seem to get are the M key abusers to fuck him.

Just another Guy you ladies can go ahead and pre-block so you don’t have to deal with him.


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