Getting Glamourus!

As I said before, I’m not much of the girly type. When you grow up with five other boys, you trade skirts for slacks and tea parties for rough tag games. I do, however, like when I got to formal events that allow me to get girly and put on my nicer gowns. Never mind that my nicer RL gowns have just slightly more décor then my sun dresses.

Needless to say, my gowns in Second life have a bit more flair and get used a good deal more.

So, When I saw these two beauties while skimming through Market Place, I snagged them!Snapshot_057The first gown is mesh, and it works well with my Maitreya body. It has optional flexi skirt add on’s that give the gown a more ethereal look as you walk. It’s only $1L on MP HERE

Snapshot_058The second is this gown that combines two things I love. Roses and the color Black. It has a flexi skirt with no mesh skirt, which I don’t care for, but luckily enough the skirt is full enough so it doesn’t matter much. The gown can be found HERE, also for $1L! It also comes in Red and Blue, also $1L and you can pick up the tango applier set for an additional $1L, but that’s all three appliers for that price, so it’s not bad.


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