Roses and Mocha

I am not a girly girl. I probably wear dresses more in SL then I do in RL. I have boxes of jewelry I never wear, heels I don’t touch and frilly nonsense that still has the tags on it. I’m a black color girl who likes t-shirts, jeans and the occasional sun dress.

That being said, for some reason I love, love LOVE this dress. Maybe it’s the vintage feel to it, maybe it’s just that I love roses (I have a RL tattoo of roses on my back) or maybe it’s just that it’s different. Whatever the case, I saw it on a hunt blog as part of the Dolled Up Hunt and rushed out to grab it HERE for only $1L! It has lola appliers, so if you like being a busty babe like me, it’s even more perfect.

On top of the dress, I made a little trip to The Cosmetic Fair HERE . They have many wonderful maker’s there with some lovely product out. But, you want freebies.

The skin I’m wearing is a free gift there, all you have to do it join the group (also FREE). The skin Doesn’t come with appliers, HOWEVER if you go to the main store you can pick up all the appliers for free. Mainstore is HERE.

The Smokey eye shadow is another thing I picked up at the cosmetic fair. They had a good amount of gifts out, slink nails, makeup’s, face tattoo’s, etc. All free and all lovely.


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