Where I grew up, one thing was common, Theme Parks. Most of them had been abandoned for years, run down ruins of era’s long since gone, that, as a child, filled me with wonder and a strange sense of nostalgia. My parent’s were dismayed when I would attempt to explore these former hubs of lights, music and fatty foods, but indulged me to a point. I liked finding things, however mediocre, and taking them home with me.

The Bewbalicious Carnival brought back all these memories. Best part? You get better gifts then the torn lace gloves and broken charm necklaces I used to uncover.

Snapshot_052 First up is this lovely off the shoulder dress. It has omega Appliers with it, infact, ALL the gifts do! I won’t mention that standing next to the food booth in heels and not even reaching the window gave me a bit of a complex….oops, I just did.

Snapshot_053Next is this outfit. The skirt and shirt both come together. Incase you can’t see it, the shirt says “Shameless”. You would think with all the boobage, it would be easier to see, but my breast didn’t want to behave.

Snapshot_054 Next is this top and tights set. The colors and patterns give it a very carnival feel that I loved as I snuck off to ride one of the Kiddie Bumpers. I’m a kid at heart, what can I say?

Snapshot_055I also got this Orange Tank top, which was just lovely and worked well with a pair of shorts I already had.

Snapshot_056And last, but certainly not least, This patterned tank top. The design was kind of vintage to me. In fact, I think I had something like this as a kid some *mumbles* years ago. And because it’s not JUST clothes, I also got this suitcase too! I may need it. All this nostalgia makes me wish to go back home!

All these things can be found HERE. You do have to join the group, but it’s FREE, so no worries there. Just go to each booth and click the ones that have the red and whites stripped cup cake with the hover text that says Gift.


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