So This happened in a group I’m in. It was hilarious.
Ragar Riler: any other activities going on out ther?
Zoe Wyx: it’s so quiet
Ragar Riler: americans are all gone on vacation lol
Me: cricket cricket
Ragar Riler: lol isnt the sound a cricket makes a chirp?
lkman Resident: hello all
Me: nope. they’re like pokemon. they go cricket cricket
Ragar Riler: you have some awesome crickets where your at
Me: mhm. I throw pokeballs at them sometimes buth they flick me off
Ragar Riler: dang
Ragar Riler: need to weaken them first, lower their hp
Me: I try throwing stuff at them, but it doesn’t seem to work
Ragar Riler: going all safari zone style
Me: lol
Ragar Riler: neeed safari balls or something
Me: I’ll have to hunt some down from the Safari arena and try those. I gotta catch those crickets!
Ragar Riler: gotta catch em all
Me: boobie-mon!
Ragar Riler: haha
Ragar Riler: sounds about right
Ragar Riler: XD
Me: I wanna be the very breast
Ragar Riler: Like no jugs ever was
Azazaer Resident: lmao
Me: to jiggle them is my real test
Ragar Riler: to motor boat is my cause
Me: I will travel across titty bars
Poolboy12 Resident: lol
Ragar Riler: searching far and wide, to teach Boobie-mon the tasteness inside
Ragar Riler: tastiness*
Me: boobie-mon!!!!!
DaBunny cheesey pose
Poolboy12 Resident: lol
Ragar Riler: XD
Ragar Riler: that was epic!
DaBunny hi fives
Ragar RilerRagar Riler high fives
Ragar RilerRagar Riler takes a bow
Ragar Riler: your welcome. ill be here all week
Me: encore encore
Ragar RilerRagar Riler starts to play the intro in metal style
Ragar Riler: Boobiemon, (gotta fondle them all) a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you
BooB-ie-mon Gotta catch ’em all
Me: our bust lines will pull us through!!!!!
Me: you grope me and I’ll grope you
Ragar Riler: yes that ^
Me: lmao
Ragar Riler: im gonna start my journey to be a booiemon master

It went on like that for a while and I almost pissed myself.


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