Another Fake Dom.

To be blunt, I do BDSM and D/S in the Real life. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it.

One thing I have seen a clusterfuck off on SL, is fake Dom’s. This pisses me off. Fake dom’s care nothing about a sub’s needs. Real one’s nurture a sub, fake one’s destroy them. When faced with a real sub, they piss themselves and resort to insulting to make themselves feel like the man they’re not. The same is true for the female Domme.

BDSM is not about bullying. I have never felt bullied by a Dom/me. I have always felt cherished, loved and cared for. The novel 50 shades of gray has only fed into the fake dom/me bullshit. It depicts nothing but abuse.

So, I was messaged by one such fake dom today. He had messaged me before and I blocked him, but I occasionally clean my block list because when I’m in a laggy sim and someone is on voice, has a particle exploder or for some of those group shouter things at landing points, I block those. So cleaning it out becomes necessary. I guess I snagged his name by accident too, or I just didn’t remember who he was. Here’s the convo.
Xaxier Resident: slaps that phat white ass (Charming intro. This was how he first greeted me and it’s nothing but a sign of disrespect. Above all, subs have a right to be respected and a right to demand it.)
Me: ahhh, it’s the fake dom again
Me: do you message me everyday?
Me: how sad for you
Xaxier Resident: not everyday slut just when i notice you around
Me: why though? I have no interest in you, you’re a little boy playing at being a dom that has no idea about BDSM/DS in the slightest. did I hurt your little needle dick pride when I pointed out you were nothing but a fake. awwwwe
Me: I’m curious about who your alt is though
Me: you’re not on the same sim with me
Me: so I need to find him and report you both 
Xaxier Resident: chuckles (Capital rp action there. Didn’t even use /me)
Xaxier Resident: ah slut, i enjoy hearing you prattle on and whine
Xaxier Resident: its amusing
Me: if you call it whining when I stat a blatant fact, sure. must be such a strong blow to your pathetic pride (This girl has a point! I still don’t get how any of this was whining. Guess he was more butthurt then I thought and had to validate himself somehow. That’s just sad.)
Me: and all five of your IQ points
Xaxier Resident: im sure your always angry when blacks are amused by your nonesense, she cant get her way so shes going to cry about it (Can safely say, doesn’t happen. If you call nonsense being a real woman and sub, then…well…sad for you)
Me: lets face it love, you wouldn’t be able to handle me
Me: I’m a real sub
Me: you’re a fake
Xaxier Resident: tahts what most brats say (LOL! I’m a brat cause he’s a fake. Totally makes sense.)
Me: not angry at all
Me: I find you utterly pathetic
Xaxier Resident: you dont follow the rules so im going to whine about it
Me: and the only nonsense here is yours
Me: you think you’re a dom
Me: you’re not
Xaxier Resident: i always enjoy annoying sluts like you
Me: go ahead and whine
Me: and I like to degrade pathetic fakes like you
Me: I know what this is about
Me: I’m a real woman
Me: you can’t handle that
Me: it’s a serious blow to your pathetic pride
Me: and amusing to me
Me: so keep it up, love. I’m having fun
Xaxier Resident: real woman dont bitch when they cant get their way
Me: I’m not bitching. and what am I not getting?
Me: you’re not making sense
Me: must be the only way you can distract from what a fake you are
Xaxier Resident: as i said slut you dont like that i dont follow the rules (Yeah, this makes you such a bad ass! In reality, he’d be on the floor at a play party or BDSM club after some real SUB’s whopped his ass.)
Xaxier Resident: i find rules quite boring (So, the well being, both emotion and physical, or another person who is putting their trust in you to take care of them and not hurt them is…boring?)

Honestly, I could go on and on, but I’m just going to show some excerpts he put and point out what’s wrong with them. I’m doing this to educate you on what is and isn’t a dom/me and who you need to steer clear of. People like this do nothing but dole out abuse. Everything he says is a red flag and should anyone ever say stuff like this to you, block/walk away.
 Xaxier Resident: i dont need to bully them slut
Xaxier Resident: they already now were they belong (I’m all for some extreme play, but outside of a scene, no one says this. While in play, my Dom may tell me I belong at his feet/ under his foot/ beneath him. But outside of one, he know’s my place is at his side, because I have a say in what happens to me. Being a sub does not mean your opinion doesn’t matter. Infact, it mean’s it matter’s more because this is your WELLBEING on the line.)

Me: tell me, in a d/s relationship, who has all the power?
Me: what is one thing of the Submissives bill of rights? (Can be found HERE)
Xaxier Resident: should i give you the real answer slut
Xaxier Resident: or the one from your little handbook (HUGE red flag. In a d/s or BDSM relation ship, the real power comes from the sub. I give up my power and control to my dom as a sign of trust. He has as much or as little power as I see fit/ trust him enough, with. My power is never, ever taken from me.)

Me: you realize you’re just a needle dick loser who couldn’t get laid in rl cause you live in your moms basement so you act like a cunt on SL and bigger idiots buy it, right? (Let me clarify, if you don’t know your rights as a sub, that’s your fault. You can find them on google, talking to other experienced subs, dom/me’s. In the information age, being ignorant is no excuse. I have helped many new subs learn their rights in this life style and most are surprised by just how many rights they have. In SL, most come from GOR which is not at all like actual BDSM. Granted, I don’t know EVERYTHING about Gor, but what I have read and seen has appalled me. I think my sister put it best. “Treat me like a princess in public, a whore in the bedroom, but a PERSON at all times.”)
Me: oh please. I know the reason you keep trying to message me is because you just can’t handle that I’m a real woman
Xaxier Resident: real as in bratty (Demanding respect does not make you a brat. It makes you a person. If the one you demand it from refuses to give it to you, they area fake and a child. Don’t bother with them.)

I made this to be informative. A sub’s wellbeing is key. Any “dom” who acts and talks like this is a fake and does not have your wellbeing in mind. Block them. If you want more info, feel free to message me.

For reference, HERE is a good article on what an actual Dom/Me is.


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