Evil Queen

On occasion, in my RP I play the Villian……

Dabunny hears her friend snort at her side.

Okay, a lot of times. What can I say? I love playing an evil character who’s out to thwart the good guys, who cackles evilly as her plans to rule the world seem to come to fruition. I like to slither my way in to the midst of the hero’s and pick them apart, make them doubt themselves and altogether attempt to destroy. I always make it a point to be friends with my counterparts OOC to better develop an interesting plot for both sides.

But enough about that. In my searches I found a gorgeous corseted gown that was perfect for one of my scenes. The best part? It was free!!!!

I found it in the store “Through the Looking Glass” which can be found HERE, along with many other stores I suggest visiting. On top of the gown I’m wearing, they had some other freebies out, all mesh items, for both sexes and no group required. Just flat out FREE!

The mask is a paste hunt gift from Diamanté, but I highly recommend going there as well because they always have beautiful group gifts like piercings, slink shoes and other just plan cool stuff. As if that wasn’t enough, they have quite a few Lucky chairs and Midnight Mania boards. You can stock up on dome cool stuff. Diamanté can be found HERE, along with the store A&A.


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